Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new to the family

The other day my daughter added another to her family, a golden doodle. his dad was a golden retriever 90lbs, mom standard poodle at 70lbs, so he will be a nice size. look at those paws! she brought him home to keep koa company. they rescued koa (means warrior in Hawaiian, my husband was Hawaiian) a 3 yr old mix from a terrible situation and he has been the best dog ever altho he has terrible separation anxiety. he starts shaking when she gets ready for work in the mornings. poor dog, and its just to much to bring him to grandmas doggy- day care altho he does like it over here,especially hunting out my poor kittys, who are 15 and really don't care to deal with him...so hopefully koa and oliver will bond and the problem will be taken care of! grandson #1 is happy to have another playmate, altho oliver has really sharp teeth...
in this picture koa who is  very active seems to be saying
               "grandmas working me to hard..."
    my blog is a week old today! enjoy your day!   jody


  1. Oh gosh Oliver is adorable! So nice for Koa to have a "little" friend to play with. I think Abby would love a friend but my husband says no. :o)

  2. Oooohhh! So cute!! I've heard golden doodles are really sweet dogs! That Koa looks pretty sweet too!
    Nice getting to know the furry members of your family Jody!!
    Cathy G

  3. Isn't that puppy just the sweetest thing? Hope it works out for both doggies.

  4. Jody ~
    What a cutie. I hope the two bond! Separation anxiety is so hard to deal with!
    Hugs :)