Tuesday, February 28, 2012

two stars ...

and i think the 2nd one turned out nice... i really am enjoying this!
we are expecting another winter storm here. hopefully it wont be so bad, i know i can find a few things to do tho if im stuck in the house! the cobblestone quilters are suppose to meet at janas tomorrow night to tie quilts, i need to finish that jean quilt thats been set aside...

                enjoy your day!                  jody

Monday, February 27, 2012

monday morning...

we had a friend from out of town stop by for coffee so i baked a hashbrown egg bake, mini muffins and fruit. i used a quilt today as a table cloth and loved the way it looked. i sewed this quilt a few years ago and hand stitched it, its a country threads pattern.

i have puppy sat all weekend so its been busy around here and im looking forward to cleaning up a bit, having my couch back and maybe trying to get some hooking in. angies puppy, oliver is getting bigger and bigger and is only i think 3 months old, such a playfull little guy and once again i havent seen the cats in days as they are in hiding...the puppys will be soon gone tho, back to angie today.
              enjoy your day!                      jody

Friday, February 24, 2012

small williamsburg basket

yesterday i made a williamsburg basket, and my helper (frisco-15) was there to help, she told  her sister  (cindy girl -15) that she couldnt help... this basket will be going to a friend. i hope she likes it!
since i cant help i will sit here and pout then!

enjoy your day!               jody

Thursday, February 23, 2012

thrift store stop

and i came home with a few goodies. i found this tray for 1.99 and pewter sconce for 4.00 and also a few smalls to bring to our shop ( timeless treasures). im not sure if i can part with these two tho... i really could find something to do with the tray(can remove back and replace picture with stitchery or what ever!) and altho i dont collect pewter i always could... :) i also have a couple friends that do collect pewter so..

 we had a nice time at moms yesterday she worked so hard on her table, it was lovely! annie, a friend also joined us. i did get some hooking done and had finished my lap frame so brought that to use
i had some questions on my hooking so e-mailed laurie, she has some great tips on her web site which really helped me out . http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/18801348  thanx laurie!

enjoy your day!                           jody

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

computer doctor...

 and i can down load pictures again! sister jana came to see if she could help me and my computer problems but... between us both we figured i should get a professional to look at it. and since my professional computer man is up above watching over us, i called a friends son in law.  my mark was always good about updating, cleaning viruses, ect and i havent done anything since last march, except try to blog, try to do pictures, try to figure out ebay, this and that, so i figured it was well worth a trip to the computer dr. and a couple viruses later we are up and running!
yesterday i spent the first part of the day shoveling, i set the alarm so i could get up and help angie before she had to go to work. we both live on corner lots so have a bit of shoveling to do. then i stopped by  mom and dads house and while dad was in back snowblowing i shoveled in front and ended up getting called a nasty name from dad!(because he wanted to get the exercise and do it himself) jana surprised dad and shoveled the steps to his chicken yard and i even got called a nasty name for that but, quickly pointed out it was jana not me! it only snowed i think 5 inches and was absolutely beautiful out, as the trees and everything were covered with wet heavy snow and when it was still dark out it was even prettier! also the 30 degrees didnt hurt! here is the finished needle punch. i think it turned out ok... i dont know if i like working with the varigated threads yet.. to me it takes away from the main picture? is there a trick to using them? any input will be appreciated!
today is bonding at moms house and since dads chickens keep us supplied with fresh brown eggs, i baked a little something to bring over.. i dont know how much stitchen or hooking we will get done but we will of course eat and bond! 

                              enjoy your day!                 jody

Monday, February 20, 2012

survived a busy weekend

and even got some rug hooking done. not enough for show and tell yet tho.
so now i am having issues trying to transfer pictures from phone to computer so i am going to show a needle punch that i have finished and put on another bread board. hopefully i will get this figured out or i will have some boring posts...        enjoy your day!                    jody

whoops cant get it so i quess this is a boring post......

Saturday, February 18, 2012

yesterday was

our weekly day of bonding and nephew nick joined us for a while, no stitching for him tho! so we ate, stitched and hooked. #2 grandbabe is spending the weekend with me as well as angies 2 dogs sooo not sure how much hooking i will be doing....but we will be busy for sure!

             enjoy your weekend!              jody

Thursday, February 16, 2012

i have been....

doing a little hooking! and hope to be doing a little more today!(i know..i have aways to go to catch up to you long timers hooking technique) this will be very primitive!
                            enjoy your day!      jody

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

small market basket

and my helper sure didn't stick around to help much on this basket! by the looks of the picture above she thought i worked her to hard on the last basket!  i thought i would share a couple pictures on a cute little basket i made for THE MAIL MAN....we have such a nice mail man and he has a very nice wife too. he ordered a little something from me for his wife for valentines day since he was out of town. what a guy huh? so i made a small market basket and filled it with a few things and some of my soap that i know they like. i set it outside their door so she would get it when she got home. a little surprise from her valentine!

                    enjoy your day!!             jody

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a little surprise

hanging on my back door! so i will be trying to figure who left it today! i do have an idea who may have tho...its an adorable wool pear pin cushion and i love it! cute, cute, cute! thank you!
after going to the hook in and trying to use my new/used lap frame(came with a stand also) i had bought off of ebay for a great price. i decided once again to try make a frame to fit on my lap hoop quilt frame. i love this one as it has a 360 degree angle and i am use to it but find putting the hoop on and off the hooking project a hassle. so i did it, and today i need to order some gripper strips and it will be ready to use!

  happy valentines day!      enjoy your day!!          jody

Monday, February 13, 2012

im back!

with lots of inspiration! i had a great weekend in Minneapolis with my son and his wife, my daughter and grandson. my other son stayed here with his son to animal sit , thank you jeffrey!
Saturday morning i went over to wooly red rug for her 2nd sat hook in and i had never been there before. right away i felt at home, Laurie of course is so friendly and hospitable with a warm and cozy home, lots of treats and lots and lots of wool! the gals there also all so friendly and nice it was great to be around fellow hookers and bond, just like fellow quilters, you can just hang out and visit comfortably! hopefully i will get down there again soon... i didn't ask anyone if i could show their pictures on my blog so instead i will show you just a tish of Laurie's wool that she sells thru LJ fibers at the http://www.woolyredrug.com/  i could have sat and gone thru each and everyone of them, beautiful colors, beautiful patterns, beautiful rugs and  a wonderful time! thank you Laurie!           enjoy your day!              jody

Thursday, February 9, 2012

just one more..

punch show and tell , this one is my favorite and was fun to do. i love geraniums so was perfect for me. i have had this one displaying on a crock. kinda going around it and thought it needed a change. i love it !
then i have a couple show and tells from bonding with jana.... some of her fat quarters, these are some kansas troubles, she wouldn't let me take a picture of her fat quarter cupboard but brought this down. someday i will sneak up there and swing open those doors and snap a picture for us all! and then theres mom worken away on a wool kit that jana had given her, we tease her about having the same amount of stiches on each egg... perfectionist.

i may be away for a couple days ...family visits and maybe a laurie lausen visit! (wooly red rugs) so until  I'm back, take care and              enjoy your days!!              jody

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a "finished" gift

we bonded at sister janas yesterday and i not only took pictures but also worked on " finishing " a needle punch. i have decided to gift it to my very special friend, auntie mary. (shes married to my moms brother) i have been known to whine a bit, no really....and ask if my name could be put under something, for someday... and auntie mary has graciously (tried to quiet me) given me many treasures, one is this gorgeous quilt below (all the applique is hand done).  i love black birds and i put one in my christmas tree just like tasha tudor in her christmas video... anyway, i hope she likes the finished product. its removable from the box so she can really do what she wants with it. i tried to prim up the little box, painting it a barn red and rubbing with sand paper and then staining it. i also removed the gold latch it had on it and replaced it with a nail and a wool noodle . below is a picture of auntie mary (dark hair) holding up a quilt she made for a special little girls 1st birthday on july 4th. so anyway shhhh lets not tell her that she has a gift coming.  i hope she likes it...        enjoy your day!     jody

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a couple finished,

finished needle punch! thanx so much for all the nice comments on my posts...its fun to share with all you guys and i love looking at all of your projects too.  the first punch here i just stuck on the wall in a little window nook in the kitchen and the 2nd i put on a vintage cutting board and also have hanging in the kitchen. so now im off to bond at janas house today and i actually am going to finish finish one of the needle punch projects from yesterdays post so stay tuned for tomorrow!
                 enjoy your day!                     jody

Monday, February 6, 2012

monday morning...

show and tell! i cant believe i have been away for 2 days! i finished up a couple punch needle projects and still need to finish finish them, so will probley be showing you them again. i have a couple ideas for the end results.
grandson #1 has some show and tell too. angie works a bit at the quilt shop in town and the gals daughter who is about angies age has her pottery there, makes it there and everything.(will get a picture of the shop) angie thought it would be fun for him to paint his own bowl so thats what they did and i was there to take pictures of course! cant wait to see it fired and finished!

 the frost and fog is gone for now and it is a beautiful sunny day!                 enjoy your day!           jody

Friday, February 3, 2012

angies been busy!

yesterday i went over to let angies puppies out and i couldn't believe what i saw in her living room!
i found out what she came home from with from the quilt shop with.... she has started her first quilt! i love the pattern and love the colors she picked out and what a great start, she has it about all cut out! now she needs a sewing machine! i do have an extra feather weight i bought at a thrift store, with accessories, key and in the original case for 75.00, what a great buy i thought!
and then we got together at moms for somemore bonding. i mainly took pictures, i didn't really work on anything. jana just may finish her stitchery before me....mom is a perfectionist and does beautiful embroidery stitching that everytime jana or i want to use her stitch we need  to have her show us. jana decided today its an improvised stem stitch :), what ever it is its perfect....

                                  enjoy your day!             jody

Thursday, February 2, 2012

foggy days

the last couple days have started out foggy and so created some beautiful picture taking landscapes. these are my favorite kinda days of winter. yesterday ended up in the 30s near 40 so we had melting going on and beautiful sunshine. i have gotten out some of my favorite garden books and started day dreaming...

                              enjoy your day!            jody

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

love needle punch!

I'm still working on my jean squares, sewing them together with a supervisor or two. But thought I'd share a needle punch finished a bit ago.(with thy needle & thread design) I recycled wool using wool from an old blanket for the tongues, love that muted green and I could needle punch all the time! love it and have a few projects to prove it...

                                                                                                enjoy your day!             jody