Monday, March 12, 2012

catching up...

busy weekend with grandbabe #1 and his 2 puppys. now i understand why we have babies when we are younger! he is wearing papa marks cowboy hat that hangs by the door, its very crooked... too funny! busy, busy, busy, but lots of fun and i wouldnt have it anyother way!
i worked on wrapping soap for a couple orders thru the weekend.. am waiting for some supplies to come (ups) this week. no hooking for me the last few days :(  maybe a bit tonight....
the first quilt here is one my nephew gave my sister for christmas. i soaked it some and washed it for her. turned out great... nice and clean and so pretty. english paper piecing... i think he paid 48.00 for it!!              

the second here i washed today for my mom. i had gotten it made for her years ago when we were in japan. i had it made in the Philippians... that was before i started quilting. the pink looks more like a peach in the picture.                      
enjoy your day!              jody              


  1. You sure were busy over the weekend with all the beautiful soaps you made and you packaged them up so pretty,
    I think I can smell them from here, LOL

    The quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I collect quilts and the ones you posted are wonderful!
    Spring Blessings,

  2. Love the quilts! They are gorgeous and such a treasure.Wow you certainly were busy,the soaps look lovely the way you have them packaged.Hugs,Jen

  3. Those soaps look wonderful enough to eat! Nice packaging! Do you sell them locally or online?
    Lovely quilts..... don't you just love them all freshly laundered! Makes me want to wrap up with one with a good book!!!
    Grandbabe is looking cool in his big sombrero!!
    cathy g

  4. You certain manage to keep yourself busy. I can only imagine the joy you feel seeing your grandson wear his grandpa's hat.

  5. Grandson's are so much fun!!!
    Beautiful soaps.
    Pug hugs :)