Friday, March 30, 2012

its friday...

and # 2 son jeff, tonya and #2 grand baby will be here for the weekend, oh and sadie the beagle grand puppy too!
its been rainy and dreary for so long now but is suppose to clear up and be nice for the weekend. i hope so, i know someone who will want to ride his bike. everytime he comes even in snow he asks to ride his bike, so i will get it out of the garage and ready for him!
i havent made soap in a couple days... actually waiting on another oil i forgot to order when i ordered the others. it should be here today. so will probably start up on monday again if not this afternoon.
yesterday i had to go to the dentist...and stopped at a thrift shop and for some reason came home with this quilt... it was 10. and that is my limit on quilts unless its a vintage.. anyway i liked the pattern and colors and thought it would go nice with the wicker in the front porch ,so its my front porch quilt...i could probably try it out today with a couple magazines and a cup of coffee....
i hope to catch up with my blogging friends today also! thanx so much for stopping by!
enjoy your day!      jody                


  1. An lovely find!!! What a bargain. Have a terrific weekend.

  2. It is really pretty--I say that because I don't really like quilts, but I like this one! What a nice find for you.

  3. I'm stumped. Is this an applique or pieced quilt? It's a beauty for your porch. The latticing is perfect and the colors and patterns are cozy to the eyes. you are such s treasure hunter, luck for this quilt that it's life continues with such an appreciative owner.