Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a 50th anniversary quilt..

i actually spent most of yesterday catching up from the weekend, lots of cooking, eating, eating and cooking oh and bonding with the kids and g-babies...
i thought id share a few pictures of a quilt my sisters/brother and i gave mom and dad for their 50th wedding anniversary, we all had a part in making it...
the 2nd picture shows mom and dads wedding picture and a picture of them later, 3rd picture is my moms parents, 4th is mom and her siblings(all still here and 3 with in spitting distance! ha!) with great g-pas car, and 4th is my dads parents. it turned out so nice and they love it....

hope all well with all my fellow bloggers, family and friends!  enjoy your day!     jody


  1. I know that quilt is a very special treasure. Handmade with lots of love.

  2. That's absolutely wonderful! I love the colors.