Saturday, April 14, 2012

cutting, stacking and playing....

today i am cutting up bars of...cranberry-pomegranate ( the red ) and dragons blood. i didnt think the name dragons blood would go over to well so jana, mom and i  bounced around some names and im calling it midnight mist. its my new favorite! altho.. the cranberry really smells good too! last night i was on one of my favorite soap forums and was researching working with the dragons blood and found out that once it cures it turns a choc brown... i probably should have researched it first because i  was trying to get a nice color with what colorants i had and i put in a really pretty gold mica sparkle which.... once its curing we wont be able to see. there are some tricks that i will try next time to get a little swirl in the choc brown... midnight stars probably would be a nice name too... its a nice sutler, musky ,earthy scent! love it!
the sun is shining and its really nice out , altho a little wet yet from the rain yesterday. i have the birds out for some fresh air and am doggy sitting the grandpuppys so once again it will be a busy back yard... but great to be out!

enjoy your day!                         jody

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