Sunday, April 15, 2012

soap and grandpups!

i did get some more soap made yesterday so of course cut and played this morning already! i love that fresh new soap! i made 2 that i had made earlier, lemon pearberry and lemon verbena... i am going to be making a few that i seem to run out of.. ive made 48 batches now... sooo will need to start wrapping soon.
thought id snap a picture of the grand puppies, i dont know if you can tell how big oliver is getting or not but he is almost the size of my sally girl... and koa of course is such a nice boy!
i got the latest country living in the mail so am heading to the Adirondack chair in the back yard armed with a quilt and hot coffee. a cool, dreary day today but its another day to enjoy and be thankful for, right!?

enjoy your day!                          jody

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