Thursday, May 31, 2012

the cobblers were here!

gosh cant believe its Thursday already and its almost 2 pm and it seems I'm just not getting alot accomplished today...Cindy and i went to some sales and have some city wide sales this weekend! 
last night the gals were over. it was still cool up here in mn. so i made a corn chowder and octoberfarms chicken, bacon, Cheddar rolls with homemade ranch!! yum and i will defiantly make them again when the kids are around. i have a few pictures to share with you and then i need to get busy!

                         enjoy your day!             jody

Monday, May 28, 2012

my soap cupboard

its been a rainy cold weekend up here in Minnesota, so i put some bean soup in my crock pot and have been catching up in the house. this is my soap cupboard.. should of seen Cindy and i hauling it to town on top of my trusty red van. it hung out over the windshield but for 60.00 i knew i wanted to get it home one way or another. mark made shelves for inside and it works perfect for what i needed it for. i have a basket of soap dishes and one with candles, i make tarts too so now am picking warmers up when i see them at sales. i use all this for donations, gifts, to sell, ect... i really could use another for soap and one for supplies!
quiet weekend for me, my boys are both camping, one in MN (Sadie, the beagle is keeping us company) the other is Iowa. Angie and #2 g-babe went fishing. i have had lots of time to think and reflect. we were in the air force for 20 years (mark was, i followed) so today im not only thinking of our lost military but also lost family, friends and my sister joan (48yr) and my husband mark (50yr) 
who both passed almost a year ago...

enjoy your day...              jody

Friday, May 25, 2012

i love pillow cases..

yep, yet another collection! i am fussy tho on ones that i buy... i went to a sale yesterday and bought these pillow cases for 3.00. i couldnt pass them up, they are just beautiful and passed my moms inspection! she said they were perfectly done!

i got lots done in the yard yesterday and should be caught up enough to move on to planting my balcony planters that hang on the railing...i think i will go with white impatience and pink begonias since i have the white wicker set up there and i did also buy a pretty vintage table cloth with pinks in it for .25 and no stains that i could see. not sure yet tho so will have to play a bit and see what i end up with!
                                        enjoy your day!                jody

Thursday, May 24, 2012

emmas turn...

i thought maybe rain but woke up today to sunshine! my garden weeding is getting caught up!
a few of my watering many does one person need? i do use them tho. and emma thought she needed a photo moment.
i love the spireas in bloom, i trimmed the ones out front and they aren't half as beautiful, i'm saying i'll never trim them again...
the doves are adjusting well to the noise of grandbabies, dogs, cats and me. they are taking turns laying on 2 eggs....
sallygirl is saying oh mom do you have too...
frisco is saying... I'm still not going to look!

enjoy your day!!           jody

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

special sticheries

 when my children were young i had them each make me a stitcherie. i love my children and i love my stitcheries! now i need to start with the grandbabies.....

enjoy your day!              jody

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sister janas...

i had to deliver some soap to janas this morning and thought id share a few pictures... she wasnt home, and i didnt have my glasses but i think they are fine. jana has never been a chicken person...her son nick decided to get some, then went off to school soooo janas careing for them. it started out she would open the door and throw the food in and slam the door! i think now she has bonded with them and even goes in there with out knee high boots! well she maybe still wears the boots...anyway now dad gets a call every so often with chicken/egg reports as well as my dove reports! priceless!
i see jana has been busy planting and getting things ready to be planted. i forgot to add, she doesnt really... like to get dirty! who sister is she??  but she does a great job..!! :) and i think she just doesnt like to admit she likes getting dirty!! i better get out to my garden, get really dirty.. and see what i can get accomplished!

enjoy your day!        jody

Monday, May 21, 2012

hooking treasures!

auntie Mary went to visit some special friends, (Mark and Susie) for the weekend and brought back hooking treasures, here to my house. oh my gosh what a great stash! these wool treasures were Susie's auntie who has passed away from breast cancer. she was working on this rug, trying to finish it for them, i offered to finish it since its only mainly back ground left. its defiantly not my style of hooking (but after finishing this it might be!) it is done in #3 noodles which is a long way from #8! i just am just to fly by the seat of my pants...ill have to do some practicing first! there is also some shading ect. soo it will be a good challenge for me!
i do think eventually i will try and sell alot of this for Susie. the wool is beautifully hand dyed with a swatch pamphlet that Hilda had made as she dyed wool and beautiful swatches she made up. all the noodles that are cut are #3 and so well organized. it would be a great buy for someone who hooks with #3! 2 cutters, lots of hooks, older hooking magazines oh my! i hope it rains so i can stay in and play! i can tell that Hilda loved hooking....and loved susie and mark!
thank you Susie and mark for sending this treasure back with auntie Mary!
cindy girl thinks we should get started right away....





enjoy your day!           jody

i had a terrible time with blogger today doing this post sooo it might be a mess!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not a sunny sunday..

But i hope it will be nicer out than yesterday! Cold, windy and a tish of rain. We need the rain but not the cold and wind!
I went to some sales with my partner in crime yesterday, found a couple things for the shop and a few things for me... Im defiantly a dishaholic and i think a candleholic too! With a house with pets, i like to have candles burning/warming. I also found this great piece of wool! A alfred dunner skirt! New tags still on it and marked 80.00/34.95 sale. 100% wool, almost hate to cute it up but darn, not my size. I think it will perfect for overdying! A great .50 find!
We grilled last night and i made a slaw recipe from octoberfarm. Yum! and a nice change, went great with hamb/brats and beans. Cant wait for leftovers! Those who know me, know that will b any moment now.. A great breakfast!
Jeff worked hard getting marks boat running to use next wkend and later angie and g-babe #1 came so they all got to bond! and the boys did some fishing in my pond. My house will be quiet come later today...
Thanx sooo much for all your inputs on the chairs!! I'm pretty sure i will leave them weathered and beautiful, if not they will match the trim! The other thing is the wood fence around the back and side yard is weathered beautifully too!! I havent really had a chance to do anything yet and put them i the  garage cuz of rain, but soon!!

enjoy your day!         jody

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trying out blogpress

Im trying out this app, on my phone.. So much to learn all the time! Im going to try put a picture of our shop.. Wish me luck!

Enjoy your evening!! Jody

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cobblestone corner house

yesterday i had came in the house to update my blog after washing down my Adirondack chairs that where white but now aren't  and my computer wasn't working so today it was reformatted and now i have to figure all kinds of things out again.. anyway, i wanted to ask you guys opinion as to weather i should paint my chairs again and what color??? or leave natural and seal with polyurethane for protection??? so please chime in!!! i am leaning toward leaving them... i have such a hard time decorating with white furniture. like if i was to throw a quilt on the chair just doesn't look as cool to me as it does with the natural... such big decisions huh? last year at this time i was having to make horrible decisions so i guess I'm really happy to have these kind of decisions.                                       this is a picture of my house (great g-pa built) the shrubs are just starting to bloom and the next is the tree off to the right of the porch where the chairs will go under and these are the chairs. i still have some painting to do and the fence is one of the projects. i think i will repaint it the brick red (same as on the house), i had thought about black but blacks so fussy sometimes... the last picture is of Frisco, i know shes saying to herself.. no mom I'm not going to look!

enjoy your day!         jody

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dads doves are here!

dad brought me a pair of doves for the summer. i have had them every summer for years now. i love them and so does dad! we get to listen to them all summer, mom and dad will call and say i hear your doves and i call them and say i have a dove report! we get eggs and babies and its just so cool to have them here. i have them hanging in an old cage a childhood friend of my dads brought to him from a barn they were cleaning out. they are right outside my breakfast nook under the upstairs balcony and they are in what i call the enchanted garden area so its relatively quiet and i have a door i can shut to that part of the garden if i need too. like if i get the chickens, i now want for the summer too. i advertised for a dog house or something wood i can put them in and today when i was walking home from moms, i saw the dog house in the neighbors yard that i had given them ( dogs gone now) so i may ask if i can have it back.... id like to have 3 hens for the summer, we arent suppose to have them in town but... anyway here are a couple pictures of the doves, there will be plenty more! and a picture of my son jason with my father down at the Minneapolis state fair where my dad has been superintendent of the poultry dept for..... this will be his 60th year! he is also a well known poultry judge and has had many acknowledgements and articles about him! yes daddy im a proud daughter!
enjoy your day!!        jody

Monday, May 14, 2012

a quiet day?

i actually think i may have a quiet day! sally girl is doing much better, angela is feeling better and trying work today, jas and jessie made it back to mlps, and jeff and tonya are back home in duluth, they went to her parents home for moms day. im so excited that both the boys will be in duluth and soo are they its fun to listen to them chat about it.. there is also a wonderful family that is very special to both my boys, there in Duluth and makes me feel good knowing they can call deb if something comes up. they came up here for jason and jessies wedding and for marks funeral which ment a lot and i got to meet them. they love my boys and my boys love them too!
i went to a couple sales on sat, here are a couple buys. i payed 3. for the lamp (need to find a smaller bulb so the shades not so high) i am going to bring it out to the shop. i need to take pictures out there for you guys...also the spice box i want to keep of course altho i dont really know where i would put it... i do want to remove the knobs and i will sell those. and maybe paint it a barn red and sand paper it down a bit. any ideas on what to do for little knobs? i have some of those old looken nails and some peg things...
#1 grand babe couldnt wait any longer to get the fish out to the pond! and this is what i did yesterday afternoon! i did change clothes and got rid of the hat as it really warmed up and today i just may do the same thing!
i see i have a couple more followers!! how fun! thanx soo much for stopping by!
enjoy your day!            jody