Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dads doves are here!

dad brought me a pair of doves for the summer. i have had them every summer for years now. i love them and so does dad! we get to listen to them all summer, mom and dad will call and say i hear your doves and i call them and say i have a dove report! we get eggs and babies and its just so cool to have them here. i have them hanging in an old cage a childhood friend of my dads brought to him from a barn they were cleaning out. they are right outside my breakfast nook under the upstairs balcony and they are in what i call the enchanted garden area so its relatively quiet and i have a door i can shut to that part of the garden if i need too. like if i get the chickens, i now want for the summer too. i advertised for a dog house or something wood i can put them in and today when i was walking home from moms, i saw the dog house in the neighbors yard that i had given them ( dogs gone now) so i may ask if i can have it back.... id like to have 3 hens for the summer, we arent suppose to have them in town but... anyway here are a couple pictures of the doves, there will be plenty more! and a picture of my son jason with my father down at the Minneapolis state fair where my dad has been superintendent of the poultry dept for..... this will be his 60th year! he is also a well known poultry judge and has had many acknowledgements and articles about him! yes daddy im a proud daughter!
enjoy your day!!        jody


  1. Jody~ I want some chicks to but we are in town and not supposed to but there are some other folks that I see have them so if I can convince hubby..smile...My pappy was a chicken man too (We called him Pappy chicken)So man trophies miss him so much.You should be proud.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Theres nothing like the love a little girl has for her daddy!!

  3. Jodi, you have every rights to be proud of your Dad. 60 years is a long time to be a superintendent of the poultry dept.

    I don't have chickens but I have about two dozen mourning doves at my feeder everyday. They come and go as they please, cooing on the power lines and fertilizing my lawn.

  4. Hi Jodi, we have wild doves cooing here and I love them. It's so peaceful somehow! We used to have chickens but, despite everything we did to try and prevent them, the foxes had them. I found it so upsetting that I wouldn't have them again. I loved the fresh eggs! I've joined your followers to see how you get on. Joan

  5. Jody ~
    What a great picture of your dad and son Jason. I have a Jason, too.
    Hugs :)