Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not a sunny sunday..

But i hope it will be nicer out than yesterday! Cold, windy and a tish of rain. We need the rain but not the cold and wind!
I went to some sales with my partner in crime yesterday, found a couple things for the shop and a few things for me... Im defiantly a dishaholic and i think a candleholic too! With a house with pets, i like to have candles burning/warming. I also found this great piece of wool! A alfred dunner skirt! New tags still on it and marked 80.00/34.95 sale. 100% wool, almost hate to cute it up but darn, not my size. I think it will perfect for overdying! A great .50 find!
We grilled last night and i made a slaw recipe from octoberfarm. Yum! and a nice change, went great with hamb/brats and beans. Cant wait for leftovers! Those who know me, know that will b any moment now.. A great breakfast!
Jeff worked hard getting marks boat running to use next wkend and later angie and g-babe #1 came so they all got to bond! and the boys did some fishing in my pond. My house will be quiet come later today...
Thanx sooo much for all your inputs on the chairs!! I'm pretty sure i will leave them weathered and beautiful, if not they will match the trim! The other thing is the wood fence around the back and side yard is weathered beautifully too!! I havent really had a chance to do anything yet and put them i the  garage cuz of rain, but soon!!

enjoy your day!         jody

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  1. The skirt was a good buy. 100% Wool skirts seems a hard find now in the thrift shops.

    The boys are so cute fishing in the pond. Poor little fishies. haha. JB

  2. I hope you get some sunshine tomorrow. I just seems so wrong when it isn't sunny on a weekend. Great find with the skirt. Julia is right, it is getting harder to find wool in the thrift shops. (Must be too many hookers thrifting Lol)

  3. Jody~ We had a warm and sunny weekend but today and the next few cold and rainy.I'm looking forward to lighting some candles and enjoying a little break.The boys are adorable out Blessings!~Amy

  4. Love the wool skirt you found!! Bet some fishing with the boys would be perfect!!