Thursday, May 24, 2012

emmas turn...

i thought maybe rain but woke up today to sunshine! my garden weeding is getting caught up!
a few of my watering many does one person need? i do use them tho. and emma thought she needed a photo moment.
i love the spireas in bloom, i trimmed the ones out front and they aren't half as beautiful, i'm saying i'll never trim them again...
the doves are adjusting well to the noise of grandbabies, dogs, cats and me. they are taking turns laying on 2 eggs....
sallygirl is saying oh mom do you have too...
frisco is saying... I'm still not going to look!

enjoy your day!!           jody


  1. That's what my Goldens do.. Hide their toe nails, they hate it!!

  2. Lol. Great photos. You DO have a lot of watering cans. But they look perfect all lined up on the bench.

  3. I love your collections. Quite a menagerie of critters you have too. Abby despises having her toenails clipped. The vet did all of them during her recent surgery.