Monday, September 3, 2012

dad and all at the state fair...

my father has been down at the state fair the last 2 weeks. nothing different then the last 67 years! he has been involved down there in the poultry dept for 67 yrs and on staff for the last 60 yrs. he has been known as the superintendent of the poultry dept for many years now and this i think will be his last. i emailed joe soucheray from garage logic a radio station in the twin cities. dad did an interview with him last wednesday and also was interviewed by the pioneer press and you can see that here..   mom,
jana/steve and their boys and girl friends/wife all went down over this weekend. i stayed home to animal sit. i also thought i needed to get my big girl pants on and do some things ive been putting off or waiting for help with... so first i found a program that mark had when he was making me my soap i dragged the big ol monster jet printer up from a year in the basement..i did drop the trays on my toe while carring it and so wanted to just drop it at this point. my arms are more bruised  than my toe... then it took about 3 hours to find the right cables...and a bit more to figure out how to get the laptop to recognize the printer. but! i did it! and am very proud of myself and i bet mark is proud of me too. i do think he was helping me... i had angie stop over and go over Microsoft excel as the program totally confuses me. then yesterday i was bound and determined to get selling on ebay sooo we did it! angela came and helped me with that too and we already sold 2 books! yea!!! the postal stuff totally confuses me but im sure it will become clearer the more i do. i did also put a link on my side bar to get to my ebay. soooo thats what my weekend has been about! i did make angie some gyoza (pot stickers) Japanese dumplings and rice with seaweed. yum! loftcreations and octoberfarm both have great recipes and stephanie loft creations told me where to order the little gyoza maker thing! i hadnt made it in a while but have enough for a long time! anyway need to go start with the animals and then i think i may go with angie and grandbabe school shopping! tomorrow is the first day of FIRST GRADE!!

this is dad and son jason who worked with dad last year. this year janas son luke is down there worken..they have a 2 week break from school ...
monster printer....

lots of soap labels to use!

gyoza! yum!

chicken/rice & gyoza.

enjoy your day!              jody


  1. Any leftovers? LOVE homemade gyoza. Isn't that crimper tool the best. Jason looks great. Your dad is amazing. I'm sure he'll be missed. Hats off to you Jody for jumping in with both feet and figuring out the computer and printer. Happy sales.

  2. That printer is huge! Holy smokes, electronics :).

  3. Congrats on getting the printer up and running. I am sure Mark is smiling down on you and may have helped a bit :)
    Great pic of dad and son Jason. I have a Jason, too.
    Happy holiday to you!
    Hugs :)

  4. Jodi, good for you for getting things done even if you weren't sure how to go about it. You got it done.

    Your dad is amazing and he sure has been faithful to his job. I'm sure that he will be missed.

    I never had Gyoza but it sure looks yummy.
    Happy Labor Day. JB

  5. Dinner looks great...have never tried gyoza.

  6. Hello Jody, that is a giant printer,wow. Yum yum on the dinner. Sweet picture of your Dad, I`m sure he will be missed to. Blessings Francine.

  7. yeah good for you! I want to sell on ebay and my knees start to knock when I think about it not sure why.

  8. Yummo.
    I need to try that.
    Love the dad and son picture.