Tuesday, September 25, 2012

mondays road trip..

yesterday my partner  in crime-cindy and i went to a near by town to there community sale. everything is 1.00 with the exception of a few larger items in a near by corner... i should have taken a picture of the stuff piled when we walked in the door... it is held 2 x a year spring/fall and they know us well now.  it starts at 12 noon, we shop, take a break for lunch (always wonderfully home made..) and then we shop again and were home about 3pm. here are a few pictures...

not that i needed another quilt but...for a 1.00 i couldnt resist! love the calico's in it! may retie or not..another blanket is in the wash...
wonderful wool to over dye or not...i will be washing and cutting wool soon! thanx cathy (orange sink) for some needed advice!  
a few treasures for the shop or ebay...im a little tempted on keeping the pictures. may try them in one of the bed rooms, they are beautiful! 
im keeping the tea towel love it! and i've had food processors before and thought i didnt need them... its a nice size with book even! and the pyrex still had the sticker on and i gave it to mom, i loved the ends on it..easy to handle. 
enjoy your day!                        jody


  1. Oh, looks fun! Nice things you got! And a dollar...who could pass that up! Love your new blog color...I can read it well. Wish I had time for some garage sales...maybe soon!

  2. LOVE the tea towel. It's definitely a keeper. Great bargains.

  3. Hi Jody, oh I love that quilt, and a $1.00, come on, never enough quilts I say. Great batch of goodies to, fun, fun, fun. Blessings Francine.

  4. Jodi, what great finds you got today. I love the wool. It will over dye beautifully. JB

  5. That quilt for $1.....WOW. Great find. And that wool will make a nice rug. Get hooking!

  6. No way....you got that quilt for $1? Lucky you Jody!

    Love wool. Don't know anything about over dye(ing)! lol! I just like it! :)

    Enjoy your day!