Monday, October 1, 2012

perfect fall days...

we have had a few perfect fall days up here in the north! i wish they could stay for the next few months. i have still been busy out in the yard and sooo enjoying these perfect days.. but boy im sore! can tell i didnt get enough garden time this summer! i decided to trim my shrubs in the back yard. they were getting a bit wild which i love but... im leaving the ones out front tho and will trim after they bloom next spring.

dad was telling me he and his dad planted this tree, my parents sold the garden store about 6 years ago, that my father and his dad started over 40 years ago. 
sadie was visiting this week and thought she'd help me in the garden..                     
she thought i was working her a bit hard tho..... i bet she was glad to go home last night.

i bet if we get wind...we wont have many leaves on the trees. 
enjoy your day!                 jody


  1. Jody that tree is spectacular! I hope the wind doesn't blow too hard so you can enjoy it's color longer! Yes.... it looks like you worked Sadie a little hard there..LOL!! She sure is a cutie!!
    Sweet Autumn Blessings!!
    Cathy G

  2. Hi Jody, beautiful Fall scenery, so pretty. Sadie is so sweet for helping you in the garden, HA!! Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

  3. That's a beautiful tree! Our trees are starting to turn.
    Happy October!

  4. Not only is that a gorgeous tree but a very special one too. I hope the wind stays at bay and lets the leaves stay a little longer.

  5. What a gorgeous tree! I wish Autumn lasted longer! Sadie is a sweetheart!

  6. We have been rainy and cold. but it will be in the 70's for the next few days. Every thing is looking beautiful at your house.

  7. LOVE that tree. And Sadie looked like she was a big help with the yard work :)

  8. Is that why they call it fall because the leaves fall off the tree just wondering

  9. These are beautiful fall pictures! Sadie was a great help, I can tell.:)