Friday, June 29, 2012

Hair cuts and wool

Yep the kitties got their haircut, i tell company to not laugh as it might hurt their feelings and they actually seem more comfortable!
( to me they look like they are wearing the old one piece long underware! ) They've been getting haircuts from the same

gal about 15 yrs now!
Frisco and gizzy..

Cindy sticking her tongue out at me then bawling me out! She sure didnt want her picture taken..

I stopped at a sale and got these 4 wool skirts, Would think i could do something with them! The price was right!! .25 cents. The bunch of spools for 2.00 and the
Pin for .10. I have a give away soon when i hit 50 followers soo been planning for that! Come on 50!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good food and...

Great company!!

So nice to see the cobblers and catch up on the last month. Not alot of show/tell, summers keeping us all busy!
Aunty mary showed us a small quilt for on uncle doodles chair that she finished, its all done by hand, even pieced! Then she showed a pillow case made into a dress that are being made for a misson. Carol showed a quilt she had finished that was all english paper piecing, so pretty and perfect!I made chicken salad crusants using routisery chicken, yum! And a 7 layer salad. Also made a goat cheese appetizer, recipe from octoberfarm. So yummy and full of flavor! We had a nice
gettogether altho we missed carol p and cousin beth who will be home from california for a visit on friday!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some sun! The cobblestone gals are coming tomorrow night so..ive got the food and wine, i hope someone has the show/tell!

Enjoy your day! Jody.
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning coffee,

A new magazine and Moms dessert...
The gardens are flourishing, lots of green and bits of color, even
a cave..

Now where to sit....
Thanx for stopping by last week and all the well wishes, we had a nice weekend! Enjoy your day my friends! Jody
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

one year today....

we miss you my man of 30 years, a husband, father, grandpa, son, brother and brother in law...not a day goes by with out thinking of you and remembering... we love you now and forever.

enjoy your day my family and friends and thanx for being here for us...  jody

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


its been rainy and cool here the last couple days, so i have been catching up in the house working on some stitching and soap. nothing new to show you so thought i would show a couple pictures going up my back stair case. (id like to pull up the old carpet and paint the steps but have been saying that for years..) i found the green shelf in my parents garage and thought it would be perfect for some of my crocks, i made these game boards many years ago now. the white furniture piece someone was throwing out (can you believe that?) it is perfect at the top of the staircase holding a few treasures. this was the 2nd quilt i made many years ago when we were in japan, i took a class. its a country threads pattern. (its hanging across from my bed room near the front stair case) i have been finally catching up on visiting some of my blogging friends and it sounds like we are all busy, busy with summer! hope all is well and thanx for stopping by my blog!
thoughts and prayers for my friend kathy and husband dallas who lost their home to a fire yesterday..
i try to take one day at a time and some days i go to bed really early... but im still pluggen away, so kathy please try not take on to much each you guys!

enjoy your day....          jody

Monday, June 18, 2012

monday catch up...

hope all is well out there in blog land! lets see whats been going on around here...
a few treasures from some sales, i love the tea pot as i have a set of nesting bowls to match it. i paid 1.00 for it. the covered butter dish 1.50, lantern .25 and the soap dish free! i love sales.. i also got a bunch of old books for jeffs tonya to go through as she collects them.
i had sadie the beagle visiting for a couple weeks and noticed that she may have an ear ache and after a couple days of doctoring my self i took her to the vet. after words she looked at me like "well that sure wasnt any fun" she has allergies sooo had a couple shots and antibiotics, she is better and home with jeff now.
i am working on a new garden area to kind of camouflage the ramp that was built when mark was sick. jeff pulled the boat out so i could get to some rocks i had picked up somewhere and knew i would need them some day... all the kids will be home this weekend so i get to plan some meals and get a few things crossed off the "to help me with" list.
grand aby #2 spent the night with me and i am bringing him home now this morning, jeff got him riding his little bike and when he progressed to grand baby #1s bigger bike, i came in the house... busy boys and fun to have around but boy did my bed feel good last night!
also had a nice visit with my sister joans boys, joshua/hannah, zac and ethan. they live right across the river from me but we dont see alot of them. the 2 older are living out of town and ethan (tallest) is a senior in highschool now. soo soo good to give them a hug and visit a bit...

enjoy your day!              jody

Thursday, June 14, 2012

thursday hello..

just wanted to check in and say hello. i have been busy with yard work in the ams and working with my soap in the afternoons. i had to bring some out to the shop for a woman the otherday and she is looking at getting 200 or so bars for a group she is president of.... so i need to keep up! hope all is well with my blogging friends!

ok i cant figure out how to turn this photo around sooo... here is my soap in stages,
clean the bar, wrap the bar, label the bar and package the bar!
enjoy your day!                jody

Sunday, June 10, 2012

rainy sunday

altho i do see the sun trying to peak thru... we need the rain and i actually need the time in the house so im hoping it may rain a bit more. i spent yesterday spreading mulch and planting grass seed. almost caught up, but i think i say that all summer!
i bought these 3 hooked sunflowers at a garage sale for 4.00 so that started me on redoing the shelf... the picture my auntie mary made and gave us for our wedding in 1980, its beautiful and i love it even more these days... and the steiff bear was my grandfathers when he was a young boy, of course i may tweak the shelf a bit more (paint sunflower stands..) but for now it holds lots of treasures! both old and new! (the little box isnt nearly as bright as the picture..)

       here are a couple pictures of the side garden area ...

this area under the upper balcony and where i hang the doves, is outside the breakfast nook. this is where mom and her siblings had their sand box and use to play for hours and grandma probably in the kitchen and grandpa probably here in the den, could listen to their children playing and having fun.

 look really close, you can see that sally girl found a shady spot behind the bleeding heart to rest!       enjoy your day!     jody

Friday, June 8, 2012

moms peonies..

i stopped by mom and dads for coffee and she had made up this beautiful bunch of peonies! so i thought photo opp! my grandfather norman, made each of his children these swings and i was lucky enough to get an old falling apart one thats beautiful back by my pond! we have been busy filling vases and old things with them. peonies don't last long so we take full advantage of having them in bloom. mom and dad have been bringing them out to family at the cemeteries also...

its been really nice and hot the last couple days and looks like more to come. i still have some planting to do so have been trying to be out doing yard work in the mornings and catching up with soap ect. in the afternoon but yesterday i didnt come in til after 8pm..we've been enjoying our time outside...and sleeping well at night!
thanx so much for stopping by and i will be catching up with all my blogging friend soon! hope all is well with all of you!
                                      enjoy your day!                    jody

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

noodles for sale!

 after the cobblers were here i thought i don't want to put these away again and i will never use them so i am selling all these pre cut noodles. they are a #3. i did my best with the pictures but if anyone wants more specific or more pictures please feel free to ask! i just want these noodles to go to someone who will use them and just want someone to make an offer... so if you are interested and want to make an offer please e mail me at .

this last picture is it all together... wow what a great stash! and you can tell that susie and marks aunt loved her wool work!

enjoy your day!                  jody

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautiful morning

Its already 73 degrees, sunny and pieceful.. Waiting on my coffee and heading here...the balcony, i did some summer decorating and planting yesterday, need a plant in the bird cage yet but.. now to enjoy!
another sitting area! You guys must think i sit alot!!! Come sit with me, coffee in the morning, ice tea or ice coffee in the afternoon!! Enjoy your day!


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Monday, June 4, 2012

good monday morning!

i don't think i even turned the computer on all weekend.. it was a nice weekend and i got alot done mainly yesterday in the yard. i spent most the day in what i call the enchanted garden. (around the side of the house) i still need to get some mulch and a little tweaking, i have a couple ideas but need the boys to help with the measuring tape when they are home this month, but now i can sit, enjoy and maybe read a magazine. i am trying to train the vines to stay up along the fence. each year they get a bit farther, eventually they add a good 2 feet in height. Sadie, Jeff/Tonya's beagle has been staying with me for a couple weeks and she kept me company, altho i think i worked her to hard. i did get some new cushions for the chairs and love seat this weekend at a sale, but hate to put them on there for the dogs and their muddy feet. so these are the dog cushions!!...

when the cobblers were here we went thru the wool and treasures, i think i may put the noodles out and take a few pictures and sell them to who ever thinks they can use them so watch for that this week. i know most of you, like me are #8 cut but if there is someone you know that may need them, send them by. i will try get those pictures tomorrow or wed.

enjoy your day all my family, friends and fellow bloggers!    thanx so much for stopping by!