Monday, January 14, 2013

Cool - 6 and spring cleaning

Good Monday morning, i got the cord for my phone but now they, i think changed how to add photos on blogger so may take me awhile to figure it out... ALWAYS something!! So am still blogging from my phone..
I started some spring cleaning in my kitchen and it may take me till spring! I even have a to get rid of pile and plan on adding to it today..

The royal Copley chickens were my grandparents.. Mom and dad past them on to me. Grandma actually always had a couple here in the window with a spider plant in them! Shawnee pie bird was grandmas too.

To get rid of pile today ...
Im going to try get rid of a few things without a sentimental value for me. Wish me luck!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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  1. Jody you are doing exactly what I need to be doing.LOL! Love those chickens,think momma has a couple like them.Wow those are fantastic coffee grinders!Have fun cleaning!Hugs,Jen

  2. I need to clean out some excess too.
    I love those chickens or roosters .
    Many people are having trouble uploading pictures and when the changer to Google Chrome they were successful in uploading their pictures.

    Have a great day Jody


  3. Love love love those dear chickens.
    What treasures.
    Woolie hugs and happy cleaning

  4. I love the coffee grinders! I am cleaning too! Big hugs my friend, so happy to talk with you on the phone. xoxo Pamie G.

  5. Love the chickens to, casn you come over later and help me get rid of some things??? tee hee, Francine.

  6. good luck weeding out try google chrome for your blogging issues.

  7. I love the glass shakers on the window- so pretty! I love all of your decor!!! I LOVE the coffee grinders. Well, I just plain love coffee! But they are beautiful! And the chickens. Oh, it just all is wonderful!!!!