Saturday, January 5, 2013

unexpected re-connection..

yesterday while sitting with g-babe #1 who is still ill... i received an e-mail from an ol friend from Japan...we had kinda lost touch the last few years, and so have been playing catch up! how fun! i have found with my military is like family, we pick right up and i am soo thankful for you Pam for getting ahold of me!
(**my newest follower**) and i see from your Christmas video we still have QUILTING in common!!

Pam is in the blue next to our instructor/friend Virginia... i think you know Stephanie too Pam....check out her blog!

Son Jason got his license in the mail yesterday and his name on the door! whooo hooo Jason!!

my children gave me a fire place for Christmas.... now i want one for in my bed room... birthday maybe?

 Grand puppy .... Oliver! and he thinks hes a lap dog... good thing he is so dang cute!! 

enjoy your day my family, friends and blogging friends!



  1. Congratulations to your grandson Jason. Now he can fix you up when you need it. What a beautiful door for his practice. You must be so proud.

    Cute little fireplace. Just in time for the cold weather.

    Wow, those quilts are extra special. How fun to reconnect with your old military friend.
    Have a super day.

  2. Such a joy to reconnect! I am so happy!!! I finished putting all of Christmas away today and now cleaning. I forgot to tell you I have a blog too...just not much action but I plan to do better! Happy Sewing my friend!!

    PS: Where is Virginia and what was her last name? Please say hi to Connie for me!!


  3. Jody ~
    What fun to reconnect with an old friend.
    Hooray for your son!!! Way cool.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi fun to reconnect - the internet does this and I think it's wonderful.
    Love the fireplace and of course you need one for the bedroom. Hint/hint,

  5. Just found your blog and became a follower. Enjoyed it and congrats to your son. I have an electric fireplace and LOVE it. Enjoyed m visist.

  6. I love Oliver! He can sit himself on my lap any time! My husband got a fireplace like that for Christmas from his mom. He put it in his "man cave". I do so love it! I wish we could get one for upstairs! I love your pictures, and will be praying for your little sick grand-baby! Oh, and wooohooo for Jason! Wow! So much happenin in this post! Blessings!


    PS... you are too sweet! Thank you for sharing about my giveaway!:)