Friday, February 1, 2013

Cindys apple -

Dumpling recipe.. In her text to me
Here is the recipe for the Apple Dumplings... 3 large Granny Smith apples...2 cans Crescent Rolls...10 or 12 oz can/bottle of Mtn. Dew...1 cup butter/ margarine... 1 & 1/2 cups sugar...1 Tbsp Cinnamon... Peel & core Apples...after halving apple to core, cut each half into 3 pieces. 1 Apple ='s 6 pieces. Melt butter, stir sugar & cinnamon together, then add to butter to make paste. Beginning with the small point of crescent, wrap around 1 apple piece. Place in 9 × 13 dish. Finish all apple pieces
(Eatting any left over pieces) & then top with the sugar paste. Pour Mtn. Dew around all edges & center, being careful to NOT pour over paste. Bake 35-45 minutes @ 350° until golden brown... cool & Enjoy!!!

So this is the weather i woke to..

Cindy girl the kitty is all ready for the day..

Sister jana/steve got me an early b-day gift.. A gift cert. and the quilt shop is having a 40% off sale soo we are venturing out in this cold! Maybe ill find some warm cozy wool!

Frisco says.. Thats ok, us guys will stay home and keep the house warm for you!

Enjoy your friday!
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  1. Well you have Wednesday to look forward to at 25*! Stay warm.

  2. Hi Jody, how wonderful..... Will be fun Wednesday, Enjoy, ......such sweet kitty's....Blessings Francine.

  3. thank you for the recipe! it was soooo awesome.
    believe it or not, (we couldn't believe it) our temp at 7 a.m. was -35. the outdoor car didn't want to start, but i was off to work in the Buick with no problems.
    hope you found yummy wool and other things to buy. i'm sure you'll post tomorrow.

  4. YIKES....Tuesday we were a unseasonal 87 which broke a record! Today is not quite as warm, starting at 42 and will end up at 60ish! Stay warm my friend...summer is a coming!

  5. -18! No thank you. Very cute dogs, kitties and little boy :) I love all of the quilts and penny rugs too!