Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday..

i am awake at a wee hour in the morning..actually been up for a bit. house is dark, cozy and quiet. coffee is in the peculator. its been a few days so thought id wish you a nice, peaceful Easter Sunday.

playing with g-mas treasures... 

fun to all be together... 
playing in my drive way.. 
while the guys worked on papa marks boat.
they must think its spring?

i woke to this wonderful picture of my babes..
i slept right through the Easter egg dyeing,
hope someone took
lots of pictures! 
enjoy your day!                jody

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I found...

a TASHA TUDOR COOKBOOK at the thrift shop yesterday! i have always, always looked thru the cookbooks hoping to find one! i love the hunt! this one is going to sister jana as i have one..
i went to the air base yesterday (mark was retired air force) to run some errands and on my way home stopped at a thrift shop. here is a picture of a few things i found.
well, we canceled the cobbler get together this month.. yep.. a couple gone and im not feeling well so decided to skip it. so we will miss our cobbler fix this month but will meet i think at janas next month to tie some quilts for graduation gifts..

i have never heard of this basket company but looks like they sell on ebay,
so will be eventually listing it. as well as most the other things...

saw this picture on face book... i a relate!
altho we have sun and dripping going on today!
 enjoy your day!       jody

Saturday, March 23, 2013

my kittys... and a blog give away!

Saturday today.. the sun is shining! yesterday i thought boy its nice, took my jacket off for my short road trip to get Sadie girl, also noticed water dripping from the icicles.. i looked at the temp in the car and it said 16 above! its been to cold for to long if 16 feels warm!
i wanted to share a couple pictures of my kittys... in the almost 16 years i have had them. this is like the 2nd time i have seen them this close. Gizzy the brother is the cuddler and loves his sisters, but his sisters really like to be left alone and just looked at.. especially Cindy girl.. anyway i grabbed my phone and even got a video!
also wanted to share a give away from Margie over at HUNGRY HOOK PRIMITIVES! But you need to hurry she is drawing winners on monday! she has a wonderful blog and is having a great give away sooo go enter and let her know i sent you!! just click on her pictures on my side bar!

    Gizzy saying... hey Frisco since you are laying in my bed
            let me fix your hair....

There... i think it looks great! what do you think? 
I dont know Gizzy, its kinda in my eye...
Well Frisco, i like it!
Cindy girls saying, OH HECK NO! your not doing my hair!!
Sadie girl wasn't sure she wanted to leave daddy Jeff behind,
but i told her i had her beds and a nice soup bone all ready for her... 
enjoy your weekend my blogging friends!

Friday, March 22, 2013

a future baker?

Auntie Mary is known as the pie queen, she gifts us all with pies! they are wonderful and enjoyed! she has entered them in the county fair and won ribbons..this is her adorable grand babe, i think she has taught him well!

i made this game board years ago, still love it! 

my oils came so time to get busy making some more soap!
not today tho as I'm meeting son Jeff 1/2 way and picking up
grand pup Sadie girl for the week!
enjoy your day!              jody

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy spring today!??

i made a call for help...

thank you so much! daughter Angela and grandbabes #1!!!

hopefully... last big snow fall for the year?
enjoy your first day of spring! i know my friend Pam is down in texas..:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

crazy quilts...crazy weather

friend shelly gave me this framed piece...vern husband? monte and john...children maybe?

found this sham at a sale for .50 cents, maybe was to be a heirloom made from
grandmas quilt?..

 nice fluffy crazy quilt...

 i love the backing used and the edges were quickly finished...maybe a cold night ahead? sister jana said she'd read somewhere or heard that crazy quilts should have a spiders web somewhere in them? have you heard that??for luck?
 and our crazy weather...more and more snow..
enjoy your day!

* yep blogger is giving me a hard time today..

Friday, March 15, 2013

dreaming of....

and spring treasures..
lazy days in the garden....
we are waiting on.... more snow tonight...
good thing we find things to keep us busy til the spring days....
enjoy your day!         jody

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a collection...and cinnamon

another collection, tea balls. they aren't that easy to find actually... but between Cindy and I both watching for them, I have a nice little collection.

Ok mom, lets make cinnamon ornaments! i really dont want to get all
messy so i will tell you what to do k?
see mom, messy! now work it til its like bread dough...
good mom! I'll just stay out of the way...
Yep, I think they will do!

Mom, I think they're done! 
enjoy your day!  thanx for stopping!