Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Hello..

First of all it is pouring rain here and suppose to snow too... Daughter Angela is on her way to the cities for a week of training so i have dog duty! Safe travels my baby doll! Grandma Jean called and said some roads are washed out...
 Sadie Girl went home and now i have 2 more! i am staying between the 2 houses tho as Sally Girl is getting so frail that if Olivers big tail hit her she'd fall over and the kittys too getting to old for all the activity a BIG puppy brings.
I opened my closet for something and geez.... more quilts! soo tossed them on my bed to go thru, most i will list on ebay with the exception of the fan quilt and maybe another of the vintage...

Sadie Girl waiting for Daddy... 
Emma and Sadie found some sun! 
Nice picture of Sally Girl! 
I had thrown Sadie's bed on Emma's... 
Emma's smiling in her sleep thinking.....
HA! I'm sleeping in Sadie's BED!
(shhh she gets her feelings hurt if you mention her weight...) 
Son Jeff just text me and said " well its not like shes big boned mom.... "
Enjoy your Day!         Jody


  1. You are really going to be busy with your dog-sitting!

    Loving that last picture!:-)

  2. OMG. That last picture is too sweet. Looks like a sausage with!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Jody, love all the furry faces, so sweet.....smiling in her sleep, to cute......What beautiful quilts you have, never to many, I cannot part with any of mine, :) Francine.

  4. Beautiful quilts. I agree with Francine, I couldn't part with them. Love the last pic - Sweet Dreams :)

  5. Love it! Such excitement with the animals, lovely quilts, and I know just how Sadie feels! LOL!!!

  6. I mean I know just how Emma feels! I got a bit confused! :-)

  7. Wow, that's a pile of quilts. So much work goes into making those vintage quilts.

    That last picture of the big dog , little bed is just so cute.
    I hope that your snow is just a little fluff to disappear first thing in the morning.

  8. Loved both the quilts and the animals. what more do we need?

  9. Hi jody,
    What a sweet post...and what beautiful fur babies.
    Sage travels for your daughter.
    Wonderful quilts!