Thursday, April 18, 2013


so, is about 53 yrs old considered vintage?... does that mean I'm vintage? i was making my bed and thought i should do a post on some of my baby things mom has past on to me. i keep them hanging in my bedroom and see them everyday and smile..

this is the dress I was wearing for the pictures
plus a bit of dust.. 
I don't think these are my shoes.. may be moms or grandmas?  
  so cute.. 
this lil guy came to hang with g-ma while his
mom had a meeting... tired after a long busy day! 

oh! I won a give away over at barefoot primitives!!
 whoo hoo! thank you! thank you! Debbie!
and I put on my side bar another give away over at...
so pop on over and sign up for Lori's give away!!
enjoy your day!        jody


  1. Oh yes, I'm vintage too. I have my folks luggage set complete with the train case and brass tags with their initials on them! What wonderful treasures you have.

  2. Hi Jody, love you sweet vintage clothing and nice to have them, memories are the best.....Thanks for the info on the swap, missed it.....Blessings Francine.

  3. I love vintage. Vintage is the very best.
    Adorable photo.
    And your sweet granny boy is too cute.
    Woolie hugs


  4. You have a sentimental soul. I love the vintage photos and commend you for being able to hang on to vintage clothing. I've never been able to keep anything as I just can't stand clutter but I keep the old photos. Even my wedding dress was discarded after I got married. I used the crinoline to make a mosquito net over the carriage, lol.
    I'm glad that they give you comfort.

    That cute boy looks so huggable.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. beautiful baby photos, it's great you have things of your own to enjoy.
    your kiddo does look a bit tired, he has the sweetest smile!
    hope the next several days will be wonderful for you!

  6. Love the pictures, Jody. It's so neat that you have some clothes from when you were a baby. I'm not sure about the vintage rule. I know 100 years probably classifies as an antique. Cute little one!

  7. hmmmm I will be officially vintage June 24th....yes, 53 indeed! :) xoxo I love all the precious memories!

  8. Hi. Sorry I haven't visited in a while but it's good to be back in touch again! I just loved those photos and the dresses were just lovely. I loved to see the dog curled up next to your sweet....and what a lovely lad! Congrats on your win
    Hugs. Joan

  9. Personally, I wouldn't call you "vintage" because I have kids your age and if I called 53 years vintage--what would that make me? LOL I love the things we had as little kids that we still have. My "vintage" daughter had a pair of shoes, called "name/date" shoes. Her name was on the sole of her right shoe and her birth date on the sole of her left shoe. She has them under a glass dome in her living room, right next to a picture of her wearing them. I have my grandmother's red button-up leather shoes under such a dome, right next to the picture of her wearing them--the date--1893. Love having that kind of stuff "out" where I can see it everyday.