Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beautiful Wednesday..

So i have been doing " a little " stitching on this Oregon Trail Quilt.. its been in my to do pile. the cobblers tied it but i wanted to stitch some too. hopefully i wont get carried away! Auntie Mary, Sister Jana and I each made one. We made another from the series too, I was out hanging it off my garage while my coffee was perkling...

while i was sipping that 1st cup of coffee i snapped these heavenly pictures..
gosh pictures can get ya thinking...and Sally Girl is over 16 now and we have been taking it day by day for awhile... im off to get the gardening clothes on
and play for a couple hours and then ebay/shop stuff. did the same and got lots done!
I got the bigger pond emptied, cleaned and filled along with cleaning off some the perennials that are poking thru!
it got really really windy yesterday , starting about 11am.
 so i was glad i had gotten out before the wind.

enjoy your day my family, friends and blogging friends!!


  1. Your getting lots done in the yard. That's something I need to do too. Love the shots of Sally...

  2. Lovely photographs of the sunlight! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  3. Sally Girl is soaking up those heavenly rays! So peaceful in your garden yard. And the memories of the quilt, makes me smile. Stitch away Jody, it will be a treasure.

  4. Auntie mary i think those heavenly rays are ready for her too... so i think she was soaking them in, and will enjoy time with us a bit longer, peacefully in the garden..enjoy a beautiful day at your home at the lake! love you!

  5. Oh Jody, I'm really sorry that your beautiful Sally Girl is almost ready to leave you. I'm sure that she has had the best of loving care from you. It's the hardest thing loosing a love pet.
    I hope that she still has plenty of days to enjoy her love one until she is ready to go.

    I love the sun rays on Sally. It almost looks mystical. Yard work is always plentiful this time of year. It's quite breezy here too and cool, but the sun is shining bright.

    Your quilt is lovely. You mush have made an awful lot of quilts by now.
    Take care and have a great day.

  6. Hi Jody, love the quilt, so beautiful.....your heavenly pictures are breathtaking, so pretty, Blessings Francine.

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous!
    Hugs :)

  8. Jody, such a nice post! Very calming~ Love the quilt! ♥♥♥