Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy Monday Morning..

i love the rain and the freshness it brings! everything is turning nice and green! i do wish it would thunder a bit tho...
i thought id show you my second Oregon Quilt (journal #4) that i have a bit to finish on.. i am keeping these here in the den so i will grab them and get them finished. They are really nice quilts and big. i think i have seen Auntie Marys on her bed..

  picture of it finished.

 we hit some nearby city sales and came across this one where everything was
.25 what a wonderful sale!! Yes, these were just a few of my finds from that sale!! 

 time to get the fish out to the pond! Thank you my lil fisherman!!

Sister Janas son was confirmed on Sat. so we celebrated!! Congrats!!

enjoy your day!!             jody


  1. Terrific quilt. It is warm and humid here. We need to get our tomato plants. They'd be thriving in the heat and humidity and rain is on the way! We got new fish for our pond the other week. Only 3 survived.

  2. omg...that bowl is worth over 100.00! i collect them! and that covered bowl is perfect for making no-knead bread. it is exactly the one i use! great finds!!!

  3. Some great finds there, Jody!

    We had hail with our thunder yesterday. Not a good thing for some folks, though the hail wasn't too much of an issue where we were. Some reported damage to cars, etc. with golf ball size hail! Total rainfall in our rain gauge was over two inches.

  4. wow! beautiful quilts!
    I love that green/ yellow bowl, for a quarter? i am reeling.
    Congrats to your nephew!

    our thunder boomer rattled and shook us, the beds, every glass thing on the place and made the dog howl this morning 4 AM! it lasted a good 20 min, before the rain came in sheets, 2 1/2" in less than half and our.
    have a great week!

  5. Why do you want thunder? We have it coming this way--I have my professional ear plugs ready to keep the thunder out of my ears.

  6. Hi Jody, love those quilts, so beautiful, and your finds, sweet bowl........we put our fish in the pond last week, now cold and rainy.....Enjoy the week, Francine.

  7. I love the basket and the beautiful green bowl.
    and of course the quilt goes without saying.

  8. What happy times! And I love your beautiful quilt. The detail around the edges is really special! Love the bowls you bought, too! Sweet hugs!

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