Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grandbabe update & Busy weekend

Surgery went well! Daughter Angie had told the anesthetist how sick he was after the last surgery and this time he was eating a subway sub by afternoon! He was still coming out of anesthesia, i was in there and asked if angie/mat needed anything and he mumbled a sub! We got little laugh outta that and knew he would be ok! Here he is opening a gift from great auntie Norma!

The boys/gals were home this weekend, when i got up Sat. Am there was a gone fishing note so i decided it was a good time to go to the farmers market and get pictures of auntie Mary..she sells t-shirts of the lake she and lots of others love and live on, of course she has bit of other things too..

Mary and her market neighbor Marge ( the bagel lady )
Mary had picked me up 6- jalapeƱo/chedder & 6- tomato/basil...yum!
As she always runs out!

So i then drove over to sister Janas cabin and waited around to see how the
fishing was going..

Grandbabe said he caught lots of fish but daddy let them go!

So he and i stayed and played awhile..

I think think thats about if for tonight,
The house is quiet and the fur babes are starting to come out from hiding :)

Enjoy your evening and stay cool!                  Jody

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  1. So glad the grand boy is doing well. He will recover with no ill effects I am sure. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!

  2. yes, so glad he is on the mend!
    good to hear about your weekend.
    the bagels look very different!
    hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. So glad he is through it and bouncing back.The bagels look yummy! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! Amy

  4. Good Morning~ I'll have a bagel with my tea. YUM. So happy to hear the surgery went will with no ill after effects.

  5. So glad grandbabe is doing so well and eating up a storm.
    Looks like yummy bagels and a beautiful view of the lake.

  6. Happy news that the surgery went well. Yumm to those bagels.

  7. Yea!!! Glad that his surgery went well! A sub after surgery... Woah!

    Your bagels look soooo yummy! Much better than store bought! I need to check out our farmer's market in New Holland. It is open on Saturday's, I just always get so busy and forget!

    Love your lake pictures! Especially the one with the feets!


    Love and hugs, friend!

  8. Morning, so happy the surgery went well, YIPEE!!!!! Yummy bagels you made, making me hungry.......Beautiful lake pictures, nice tows, Blessings Francine.

  9. Great news about the surgery going well. God does answer prayers.


  10. so good that he is feeling much better after this surgery!

  11. Just wonderful friend.
    Asking for food is a good sign.
    Hugs,love and prayers,

    Ps. Will send you my salsa recipe soon.

  12. I sure hope he continues to heal well. I'll keep him in my prayers! Enjoy your week!