Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandbabe update..

after seeing the Dr. yesterday it was decided that he needed surgery... so surgery at 4:30. It went better than expected they did not need to break the other bone and rod it. it all was realigned, manipulated and set.
icing the shoulder now as the cast is heavy for him, but at least his cast is my favorite color! red! now to sign it!

this was last night once he got home..

Great Grandma Jean stopped by and brought him
purple Popsicles from GG-pa John...

finely asleep for the night..

alls good today except hungry... but, nothing staying down...

lets try one of papas purple Popsicles...
thanx for all your postitive comments!!
i have the best blogging friends!
i promise something fun and crafty soon....

enjoy your evening!    jody


  1. Terrific news. Popsicles are great for "sick" boys. Perhaps he's having a reaction to the anesthesia or any pain meds they may have given him. Tomorrow he'll probably want to get back on his bike!

    1. yep Stephanie, i think its the anesthesia.. he actually hasn't had much for pain meds yet..they gave him tyl/codeine but i think Angela has only needed to give an ibuprofen or 2. im hoping for a better day tomorrow!

  2. awwww...what a trooper! that was a long tough day! hope he is feeling better now. those purple popsicles work miracles!

  3. Whatever is given for anesthesia sometimes causes nausea. Hopefully the TLC - and popsicles - are helping! Sending wishes for a quick recovery!

  4. He seems to be handling it like a trooper. Probly need a brat diet a few days. Sending up a prayer for a fast recovery. Amy

  5. So glad things went well for him and he is on the mend I guess the popsicle did the trick hope he is feeling better soon.

  6. I'm so happy to hear that they didn't have to break any more bones!!! It is amazing how quickly they adjust to the cast. I hope he heads quickly.
    Hugs :)

  7. Hi Jody, so so happy he is home, the best medicine....and family, Francine.

  8. Oh sweet GranBoy!
    Love purple Popsicles too.
    Granny love is the best for all hurts.
    Hugs Love & Prayers for your sweetie

  9. so glad he is home, hope he heals quickly, and the reactions wear off, they can be bad, hugs and prayers for him and all of you too!

  10. Glad he is home now where he can get the best care! Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  11. He looks so much like my Andrew!!! We always go and kiss them--they may not like it because they are big boys now--but with a broken arm and in bed--they can't get away. That's when I usually give 3 or 4 kisses on the forehead. :-)

  12. Awww poor guy! His thumb rating at the end made me sad. That is no fun! I'll be praying for him! Not a fun way to end the summer!

    Love and hugs!