Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cobblers were here...

On the Menu...
Zuppa Toscana soup and Ham/Cheese Sliders.
Oh and Zinger Pickles.... love them!

Auntie Mary brought Apple Pie and Ice Cream for Joyces Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cobbler Joyce!

Sister Jana Brought Artichoke Dip/WheatThins and Pumpkin Cookies
Joyce brought us each Pear Butter and Mary brought me some dry Mint from her garden which will be used in cooking and soap making..

Carol wanted our opinion on buttons or no buttons..
        i was the only one that said no buttons.. i honestly like it either way..:)

Carol always comes up with something.... love this idea, told her this is what she
should make us all for Christmas this year....

Auntie Mary was busy punchen....

these are some of her finished projects... i want to make the Halloween cat.



 Joyce was busy crocheting...

Sister Jana was busy Stitchen..

 Carol P busy eating Popcorn! Love Ya Carol!

 Auntie Pat brought us all a thimble from her trip to Cape Cod!
 Thank You Auntie!

Happy Halloween Day!! tomorrow i will have Halloween pictures!

enjoy your day!                  jody


  1. What fun! It looks like a fantastic group of friends!

  2. i just made 50 quarts of that soup for the shelter a few days ago! i liked it without the buttons too. you girls sure know how to have fun! happy halloween!

  3. Hi Jody, it all looks like so much fun and tasty! I've always been interested in the punch embroidery~ Interesting~ hugs~

  4. Everyone is enjoying getting together and having lots of good fun and I think that you Cobblers really rock. The food looks yummy and inviting.

    Have a great weekend.