Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Catch up...

Friday at Timeless Treasures i took a few pictures and had some company!
this is the vintage furniture i just had to have.. looks great in the shop! geez..

Auntie Pat, Daughter Karen and her 3 children stopped out for soap!

Cindy Girlfriend  likes her girlfriends! they always are dressed perfectly...
i actually think they wink at me.....

my childhood friend Tim's, family's auction was on Saturday..
awful cold, dreary, drizzling day for an auction..and it was SAD.. not to many showed up and things went so cheap.. Betty was a collector like the best of them.. so tons and tons of stuff..Cindy and I stayed to the bitter end and bonded with Tim's Brother Jamie and Sister Dee (Jamie in red and Dee next to him) the house too will be sold..i wish i had taken a better picture it has a 3rd floor attic area, the house is about 2 blocks so maybe i will stop and get a better picture..

i did bid on this cupboard for daughter Angie and paid a whole... 15.00.

they did get good money for these antique pieces.. very nice book cases ect..

cute little mementos....

yesterday Grandbabe called all worried about the fish in the pond as it was
snowing a bit when he woke up. so after Sunday school he came over to help me with the pond and he caught all 9 fish... i need to run back out and make sure there aren't any left.. then we had hot chocolate and later soup! always lots to do this time of the year and the weather sure isn't cooperating....

enjoy your day!                jody


  1. it's so tough to make money on auctions anymore. snow? wow...isn't it sort of early?

  2. Auctions are sad times, I think. Did you say "snow?" Is this the usual time for it there? We had some scattered frost this morning, about the time of year that usually happens here.

  3. No snow here, as yet, but with colder temps, it could be spitting a bit anytime now. Auctions/Estate sales are always sad--your whole life out there for strangers to see and paw over.

  4. I forgot--love that the grand babe is worried about the fishes and that he is such a good help to you.

  5. We have had frost and temps have dropped. Snow is a novelty