Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Impromptu.., Get Together!

I invited myself over to Carol Ps house .. the guys were out hunting so sister Jana and Carol got together to sew. Sister Janas DIL stopped over too! she just got herself a new Janome sewing machine!

Carols Newfoundland "Bell" kept us company! 

 Carol has a wonderful big sewing room up stairs...

Us woman can always whip up food can't we?

i wanted to bring her home with me....
shes huge like 150 lbs. and such a good girl.

soo nice having Carol back in town...

oh and the cobblers are meeting at sister Janas tonight for pizza and to tie quilts!
moms coming too! Auntie Marys not so we will miss her!

enjoy your day!          jody


  1. Impromptu gatherings are often the best! Enjoy your pizza tonight!

  2. Impromptu always works. One of my friends had a Newfoundland. They are such lovely animals, but huge!

  3. I agree that impromptu gatherings are the best. I had pizza yesterday also. Beautiful big dog and beautiful sewing machine...