Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas preparations...

i did get a bit done while this little guy was here....
hes been diagnosed with pneumonia. so spent the day in the hospital getting
fluids and starting a Neutralizer Tx plan.

my son Jason has always suffered with Asthma
and boy does all this bring back memories....
when i was in labor with Jeff, Mark was down the hall in a hospital
room with Jason with a sever asthma attack...he was there for the birth tho!

Daughter Angie worked at the quilt shop on saturday so i thought
id share some pictures..

 i love this quilt....

she even had time to finish a couple of her projects,
so proud of her! never thought shed be a quilter...

Daughter Angela is going into work for a while today
Grandbabe #1 and i are going to hang out and maybe do some baking...

Jeff and Tonya sent a picture of their tree 

and sent this picture of Grandbabe #2...cute!

Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and
you are enjoying the reason for the season!
Thank you for hanging in here with me my blogging friends!!
enjoy your day!                      jody


  1. Hi Jody, I'm sorry about Jason have Pneumonia. I hope that he will soon be all better on time for Christmas. He seems to be such a great little man.

    I love your tree and the quilt are beautiful but that snowman take the cake, hahaha. What a fun idea to have a snowman in the tub. I think that I would put Santa in the tub, hahaha.

    Stay warm and safe for the Holidays.

  2. hope he feels better soon. he's had a tough year!

  3. Oh poor guy, sure hope he gets better for Christmas.....lovely tree, Blessings Francine.

  4. Sending wishes for good health to that grandbabe!

    Dashing madly about here! Bright sunshine and chilly temperatures.

  5. I hope your little grandbaby feels better soon. It is good to be with gramie when your not feeling well.
    Merry Christmas

  6. I/ agree he has had a tough year, but hoping he will recover quickly.
    loved the quilt shop photos,
    that snowman in the tub is a hoot!
    happy for you daughter with the quilting, great projects!

  7. Grand Babe #1 has certainly had a rough last few months!!! Hope he gets better quickly and Grand Babe #2--looks a lot like my Alex. Merry Christmas, Jody. I will always hang in there with ya!!

  8. Oh no, I hope he gets to feeling better soon poor guy!

  9. Hey Jode,
    I'm so sorry that JD has continued to be sick - poor little guy - enough already! I know that him not being well is also hard on great - grandma's, and yours & Angie's hearts, too....I sure hope he's feeling some better today! Love to you all.