Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hockey Grandma...

This little guy has been very busy with hockey! and so has his mum!

 He is #4 and is a "Mite" this year..

Grandpups were here!

Yesterday was another full day of shoveling and we are expecting another blizzard tomorrow
Auntie Mary and Uncle Doodles are still having fun in the sun!

enjoy your day!                   jody


  1. So cute, love watching hockey.....Blizzard like weather to hit here today, yuk, Francine.

  2. I just love that "Mite" of yours. He looks so much like my grandboy Andrew--that I rarely get to see. Amazing how well kids that age can skate!

  3. He must be so proud of his #4 playing hockey with the Mites.

    Not another blizzard... Auntie Mary and Uncle Doodles may want to stay away in the sun much longer.
    Have a safe day and keep warm.


  4. What fun for your grandson. did he make the handprint for his mom? Was it a kit or did you find directions somewhere?
    Hope things are warmer in your little corner of the world.
    Hugs :)