Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Show and Tell..

My friend Mary in Okinawa sent me yet another gift... Thank you so much Mary and STOP!

i WON the give away over at  http://www.grannytracescrapsandsquares.com/
Thank you so much Trace!! love it all!! Shes a sweet Blog friend so pop on
over and get to know her!

i was out of town to one of grandbabes hockey games and stopped at a thrift shoppe
i so love salt and pepper shakers but certainly dont need another collection... i did keep
the red cap ones as, i do have a collection... surprise! surprise!
and the wool was only 1.50 as they were getting ready for spring.

enjoy your day!!                           jody


  1. Hi Jody, such great goodies from Trace, love the salt and pepper too, Blessings Francine.

  2. My oldest cousin had a collection of salt and pepper shakers. I was always fascinated by them on the shelves where she had them on display. Congrats on the win and the surprises from Mary!

  3. Oh, I'm jealous for the wool. what a great price... wow.
    This friend of you must truly be a special friend and you must be a special friend to her. Great gifts and great luck.

  4. I love a fun show and tell like this....all of the pretty things we love! I'm so happy for you! Sure makes you feel special, doesn't it? Sweet hugs!