Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sister Janas OK...

Sister Jana called me yesterday... she was in Grandforks, Nd about 1/2 hr. away running shopping errands. she said.... Im OK BUT.... geez, i hate these calls.
she had gotten in an accident. Her son Nick was working over there so got right over to be with her, the police officer saw him drive up and went to talk to him saying are you... and Nick held up his hand. he had to give his mom a hug before anything else. soo sweet.
Jana said that when she got out of the van her visor angel pin fell on the ground next to her foot...
Thankfully both drivers are ok, jana today has a bruised shoulder but as she says alive.

so she brought donuts to mom/dads for coffee to say sorry for scaring everyone...

Also a tragedy here in our little town of 8000. a gal and her husband whom are a few years younger than me and grew up here, died... they were found by a 17 yr old daughter who i think came home before school to change clothes. they had died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning... and their 22 yr old daughter was rushed to the Mayo in Rochester, MN. and is in guarded condition. they are actually neightbors of sister janas and the 17 yr old is in janas son AJs senior class... soo sad and lots of prayers are being sent..  Jana had just heard about this and she said that as soon as she stepped out of her car she thought of this family, after realizing that she and the other driver were ok.
an awful reminder to make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and its working..

 happier post tomorrow                                jody


  1. So sorry to hear about the couples death. That happened close here a few weeks ago. However, thrilled your sister is ok and only her car and feelings hurt. How sweet to bring coffee and donuts for a sorry to scare you. I would love a sister. You two are blessed. BTW what a sweet son she has.

  2. so glad your sister is okay! that is very sad about the couple that died.

  3. How scary. I'm so glad your sister's OK. What a tragedy for the girl to come home and find her parents. I hope her sister recovers. In the grand scheme of things CO2 detectors are cheap. We're getting new ones this weekend. Do you know they have an expiration date? They do need to be replaced. We learned this when ours went off 5 years ago and had to call the fire department. No CO2 in the house ... just an old detector.

  4. Oh my that looks bad but glad your sis is ok. What a sweet son. Good she could remember how blessed she is even in such a scary situation. Warm Blessings! Amy

  5. Oh no!!!!! So terrible but happy all were ok, such a sweet son, love that, Blessings Francine.

  6. Oh no...so sorry about all the unfortunate stuff happening.
    It so sad about that poor family.... and Jena's accident. I'm glad that she is OK and can mend her shoulder and get the car fixed but and that her son was there for moral support.

    Prayers and hugs,

  7. I'm so glad Jana is okay! I'm sure she will be sore for a few days. I'll be so glad when winter is over... so many things can go wrong!
    You stay safe and give Jana a hug when you see her!!
    Hugs for you too Jody!!
    Cathy G

  8. so glad your sister is ok it is very scary. We had a carbon monoxide issue in our state a family of 4 died so sad. The donuts look yummy

  9. I'm so glad she is OK...that they all are! It's a big old scary world, that's for sure! Sweet hugs!

  10. It is a relief to know that Jana and the other driver were uninjured!
    Tragic news about the couple and their daughter. Hugs to everyone!

  11. thankful they are okay, but so sorry to hear about the other family, will pray.

  12. Co poisoning happens a lot every winter around here. People have cracked furnaces (like mine was) and don't know it and don't have a carbon monoxide detector to tell them it is in the air. Very, very sad.

  13. Thankfully Jana is ok. My prayers go out to that poor family. How sad that their daughter found them. You just never know...
    Hugs :)

  14. Oh, so very sad; I'm sorry to hear this.

    Glad your sister is okay, though