Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sister Jana....

And Husband Steve have a Grandbaby Girl due any day! and this weekend found out that they are.....
going to have another Grandbabe! yep due in October!So another Great Grandbabe for Mom and Dad!
Janas 2nd oldest son in the line of 4 boys! what a busy year our family's have! babes, graduations, weddings oh my!

Heidi has already been busy making baby things!!
they dont plan on finding out if they will have a boy or girl
so it will be a surprise!

look who Emma and I spotted walking by!
and Dad thought he would get by with out a picture!

it is suppose to get to 70 above here so i bet lots of our snow will be melting!! whoo hoo! Spring?

Emma Girl and I are adjusting to her twice a day shots, she seems to be doing fine...
we go next week to get her blood sugars checked. Thank you Blog Friends for all
your input and advice!

Enjoy your day!                           Jody


  1. You will be a busy Auntie. I have to tell you--I just love the photos of your Mom and Dad. So nice to see them out and walking together!

  2. what a happy time for your family!

  3. How exciting to hear such good news!

    That is quite a lot of snow you have there. It will take a lot of melting days to clear the ground!

  4. We have a lot of snow to melt too. Great picture of mo and dad and Emma Girl. Yea for another family member... A little pumpkin for the Fall.


  5. congrats all the way around!
    spring! hallelujah!!

  6. Always exciting to hear of a baby being on the way!