Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Busy...

Cindy and I have been hitting the sales and loading the truck..
i found this vintage rattan set and stroller for Jason/Jess
perfect set for in their front porch and the stroller is perfect for
hiking in Duluth. 

 not much room left... i told Cindy we had to start piling on her lap which
wasn't the first time...

i have all the grand pups here as Daughter Angela/grandbabe #1,

Jeff/Tonya all are in Phoenix Arizona visiting with the Menge gang!

Time out and they didn't seem to mind...

 This lil guy keeps losing teeth!

Matt/Katies lil one had her face painted at a fund raiser here in town for a splash park!

 and this little one has her first day of day care today....

Enjoy your day my Blog friends!!                Jody


  1. Once again, you've been as busy as a bee! Is spring arriving there?

  2. Love the rotten set Jody, wow!!!! Great haul...sweet kiddos and pups, Take Care, Francine.

  3. Great finds and those are just darling babies.

  4. I love that rattan set and the red cushions. Great treasures in the back of the car. Those grandbabies are so beautiful.

    Have a great week,

  5. My sister has a rattan set like that on her porch. It was our grandparents and probably is over 80 years old. It will last the kids forever! I wish Grand Babe #4 didn't have to go to Day Care. Makes me sad that Mommies can't stay home and be with the Babes--at least until they get into school.

  6. Love, love the rattan! You always find such good things. :)

    Have a happy day!