Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby and a Fair...

Sister Jana got home late yesterday afternoon, her grandbabe #2 did well with surgery and should be able to come home today! she has a funny little thing on her head to hold the dressing on her incision.
what a little sweetie!

there was a county fair this past weekend that the grandbabes had fun at!
and then i got the ride home photos!

Dad is doing a bit better each day, altho he doesnt think the recovery is
going fast enough. he goes in today for blood work and to see the Dr. 

Thank you for all your thoughts. prayers and wonderful comments!
My Blog Friends are GREAT!

Enjoy your day!                      jody


  1. Glad the surgery went well, what an adorable picture! Looks like a fun time at the fair.

  2. what a cutie pie! those sleepy going home photos are priceless!

  3. Baby looks like a Tellie Tubbie :-) Your grandbabe would be mortifed with his sleeping pix--did he snore? Glad Dad is doing better. It takes longer for us olders to get back from surgery! Patience Dad, patience.

  4. That little baby is the cutest and that little hat makes her look very special.
    So glad her surgery is over and I know she will do well.
    I love the little cowboy with the calf, so cute too.

    Men are usually more impatiens than us women when it come to be recuperating form surgery. Wishing your dad speedy recovery.

  5. oh, and I meant to say that I love the ride home photos.