Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In the Garden...

Sister Jana and Her grandbabe were in her garden and look what i got! so love this time of the year!

Yesterday mom had gotten some plums and  produce so shared with me...

Yesterday on mom/dads porch...

Sisters Granbabe #2 is doing really well since her surgery!

today on mom/dads busy porch...
(my brothers babe is playing with sister Jana today!)

Enjoy your day my blog friends!           jody


  1. Oh yummy garden beans, nothing better...such a sweetie the Grandbabe is, enjoy, Francine.

  2. What lovely green beans! Such yummy looking produce your mom shared with you, too! It sounds like all the young ones are doing well and having fun. xo

  3. So happy to see the Baby smiling and happy. She will never even know she had surgery--she won't remember--thank goodness.

  4. I discovered a few small beans in my garden today but yours are much bigger. Look at all that lovely produce. I can't wait for new potatoes and beans. Your supper looks good and healthy.

    I swear that baby is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Such a sweetie....

    Your dad is looking well and I think that this little baby girl is like balm to everyone. I would just melt to look at her.