Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cobbler Road Trip...

Sister Jana, Carol P and Auntie Mary went on a road trip last weekend! They went down to WI to visit Stacy She had a barn sale! What fun! and at least they got to see her!! sorry Stacy i stayed home and tended to sick fur babes!

Then they stopped in Minneapolis and picked up Janas DIL Heidi and headed to Iowa!

we have been to a weekend retreat at Country Threads..  and now they are retiring! Great picture of the cobblers and Mary! we love you guys!!

 Connie visiting with Heidi!

Auntie helping Heidi with punch needle
it wont take Heidi long to catch on...

Sister Jana loved these sayings....

she will be a Grandma of 3 soon!!
Heidi you look great hon and we are so excited for you guys!!

***so tonight the COBBLERS are coming and we will all get the scoop on their travels!! so stay tuned for the Cobbler post!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!             jody

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  1. Loved the pic's and want to hear their travel stories.