Monday, September 22, 2014

Road Trip... for me.

I drove up to Bemidji (1 1/2hrs) on Saturday as Bonnie was having her annual Harvest Festival.
it was a beautiful drive which helped when i got lost ... if i would have followed her directions i would have been fine but had put it on my phone and it brought me way out in the boonies. i have been there b/4 with sister jana but she always drove.. anyway i got there just as the storm was getting there. Cindy girlfriend had been keeping me updated on the weather as they were getting it here and it was coming my way. i got to give Bonnie a hug, snap a few pictures for you guys and then helped get the guilts in b/4 the storm!

Emma Girl and I just came from the vet.. her blood sugar is down from 534 to 413
she has lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks and not eating much. she did send some i/d food to mix with
her w/d diabetic food to entice her to eat.. continue with the insulin increase and we go back next Monday.. she is up and about following me from room to room.

enjoy your day my blog friends!

* next post sister Jana and cobblers road trip!

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  1. to bad it had to rain because it looks like fun. I hope your sweet dog is feeling better very soon