Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Catch up...

so i have been hooking a bit at night and realized i didn't have enough wool to finish...
so added some stars and will see what else i can do.. has this ever happened to you my hooking blog friends?

also measured out oils for a few (43) batches of soap..

its been cold and windy here so i made up some tortellini / meatball soap...

 This lil guy stopped buy to say hi and feed the fish..

daughter Angie and a couple of her friends got together and made up
a bunch of crock pot freezer meals.. great idea for those busy moms!

well we are still struggling with Emma's Blood sugar... 490 today :(
she seems to be handling it well tho just not eating much..
so for another week 10 units twice a day and trying to get her to eat.,, 

enjoy your day my blog friends!!           jody


  1. Love what your hooking presently and clever you, to think of putting in the stars!
    You are all so busy getting ready for winter - very impressive!

  2. Lovin the rug and would like to see more of it. Yes, I have had to improvise when it comes to wool shortages. I just hook a lot tighter than I think and opps ...not enough.
    Hope your little buddy gets back to health soon.

  3. Hope you can get Emma's blood sugar under control soon. Poor girl.:(

  4. I love your rug hooking and yes it has happened to me I have also taken out some of the wool to mix in another color to make it stretch. Poor Emma I hope she feels better soon. Your daughter and her friend are very smart it is so hard to fit in meals with children going in every direction and working.

  5. 43 batches ~ now that's a LOT of soap.
    Your rug looks great ~ so does that soup. It would be perfect on a chilly day like today. So not ready for it.
    Hugs to Emma!!!

  6. I love pumpkins.
    I can't wait to see it finished.
    You are a busy girl.
    Hugs to sweet Emma :)
    Woolie Fall Hugs

  7. Poor Emma, I hope that the vet can regulate her blood sugar. She must not be feeling well at all.
    Wow, that a lot of soap batches...

    A great idea to have crockpot frozen meal ready for busy moms.

    Your rug looks great. I can't recall ever running short of wool while hooking. I've mixed wool to stretch it but I never really ran out. I usually fold a piece of wool in five to cover an area and it's about right. There's always a little left. I hook in mostly 5 and 6 cuts. It may be different for wider cuts.

    I love how you used stars to make due and it really looks good. The soup looks good too...


  8. good for them, all those meals!
    and soap!!!!
    great post.
    but poor little Emma, hugs!

  9. You're a busy gal. Your hooking project is beautiful. I love soup season! :o) Emma looks like a happy girl even though she has troubles.