Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cobbler Christmas 2015!

was great as always! lots of food, fun and gifts!!
 Sister Jana made Wild Rice Soup! and wonderful Garlic Bread!
lots more was brought too!

we tied quilts Cobbler Beth brought from California..

then it was Gift time!!
I made Auntie Mary a special quilt,
shes made so many for us...i think she liked it!

sister Jana made these for all...

Carol P made these for all of us..
Mary made these for all..

Carol made these..

Pat made these..

Beth gave us these..

and they had just got back from a cruise so brought us a thimble from Mexico..
Joyce made us her famous...
i had seen these and thought they would like it so made a some similar...

then it was some birthday gifts...
Beth is never here for hers...
And sister Jana's is coming up..
Mary made some quilting blocks for her and Beth to hold their work in progress...
Auntie Pat with Daughters Beth and Karen. and grandbabes!
 Jana's house was decorated to the Best!
 Carol gave me a gift for being the hostist with the mostist!
 i should share with sister Jana and Carol P!

as always our Cobbler Christmas was the Best! I am so Thankful for my Cobblers!
Now for a New Year with the Cobble-Stone Corner Cobblers!!..
Enjoy your Holidays my Blog Friends!!               jody

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sister Jana and I...

took a needle felting class with Carols cousin Bonnie from http://www.willowwoodmarketdesigns.com/page/page/4237891.htm
who was in town teaching a couple classes! It was great to see her and fun to take her class!
now i just need to finish some blanket stitching around the edges  and i will show you the finished project!

 i bought a kit to make the little needle keep...
 and a pattern for the purse.

 we had the pick of a few projects.. sister Jana and I made a mat with Santas.
i need to work on a few things, centering ect... but a fun first project of a new fiber art!
this is one with the gnomes but i wanted to show you how it is finished..

we had a great time! thank you Bonnie and hope to see you soon!

enjoy your day my blog friends...                       jody

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cobblers Got Together...

at sister Janas, as I had 3 quilts to tie! as always lots of fun, food and bonding!! Thanx sister!

 son Jason in town so crashed the party!
so we put him to work!
 we tied 2 of these, i made them for the 2 grandsons for Christmas.
they are made from my late husbands jeans and military fatigues.
im embellishing with buttons and a ribbon (with a photo connected and put in a pocket) from the pants also.

we also tied another big one but its a gift so cant show you yet...:)
Auntie Mary has been off of work for a few weeks and look what shes been doing!!
these are table runners/wall hangings to go in her booth at market near the lake this summer.

these are mission quilts to go to her church..
always amazes me on how much she gets done!!

we also celebrated Auntie Marys and Joyces birthdays! happy birthday!

 Carol made this box for Mary and found a pen that says Brat. that's how Auntie
signs things as her last name is Bratrud.

 Jason got out of most the tieing when Uncle Steve got home..
Jason/Jessica and baby Elizabeth are moving home!! starting his own
practice, about 40 minutes from here so Steve was helping him with business stuff!
Daughter Angela sent a picture for her show and tell!
she had just made a scarf!

enjoy your busy holiday days my blog friends!                           jody