Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Hazelnut Latte day...

i have been working on soap for the Cofe shoppe here in town, i think she will be happy with it!
im thinking i better make more as it takes a few weeks to cure...

my daughter Angie out braving the cold..winter is here...
my son Jeff braves the cold everyday at work and i think of him all day.

I have a new grand kitty!!
yep Matilda and shes about 1 1/2 and seems to be adjusting well!

love this picture of the 3 new (great grands) baby girls this year at mom/dads for Christmas!

enjoy your day my blog friends and stay warm!!                 jody


  1. I love looking at your Mocha Latte soap but those babies are some cute.
    So pretty all deck up for the Holidays.

    Keep warm. I'm trying really hard to stay warm and it not easy with -20 °C.

  2. Matilda reminds me of our late cat. Precious baby girls! Bundle up and stay warm! xo

  3. What a great pic of the 3 great grands!!! I bet your mom and dad are thrilled to have shared the day with them.
    Your soap is always so beautiful!
    Hugs :)