Friday, January 9, 2015

Mocha Bean Day...

yesterday i worked on my Mocha Bean Soap..
i had to wrap it a bit different as to how i had placed the beans.

 a Facebook friend was selling this for 5.00 so i messaged her and bought it.
she lives just up the street a bit so when i went out to run errands i picked it up
i love crocks....

i think i had shown you this quilt Sister Jana was working on for the quilt shop..

 its in the book she gave me for Christmas.

its made with the layered Cake squares..she was getting ready to sew the borders on.
i think this will be a quilt i will have to make! and would be great for gifts!
i love stars too.

i made her work while visiting with me!

I came home with this and will show you later its a gift!!
and surprise i had spent enough over a few visits to get a 20.00 gift certificate!!

oh.. this was our day yesterday while i was out running my errands... i made a
big pot of veggi/beef soup when i got home! geez..
sun is shinning and its nice and clear but really cold today.

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!                      jody


  1. that soap is awesome! love the crock, what a good buy! it is cold and sunny here today too!

  2. Your soap is over the top. I wish I could smell it. A great package to show it off too.
    Love that crock and what a deal. I can picture a crock full of Mocha Bean soaps...

    Nice quilting fabric. You're so industrious.
    Keep warm. It's very cold here too.


  3. Your soap sounds like something that should be eaten.:-) Isn't it great to have soup in weather like this? xo

  4. Sweet little crock :)
    Frigid in Ohio and probably worse where you are...but the sun is shining.
    Hugs :)

  5. The sun is shining today thank goodness we do not see it much in the winter. We have been very cold too. Ready for spring already everything looks great as always

  6. Seriously, I just caught up with your blog. Haven't read it since Christmas. .longing for my people, my loft and my sewing machine. Winter can be cold wherever you are if you miss the ones you love. So glad that I can visit your sight and celebrate all the family gatherings. We are so richly blessed with good people. Oh, and one day you'll need to open your door so I can buy some of your wonderful new soaps. Hugs to all! Forever!