Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Cobbler Night!

always fun to have the Cobblers here and they humor me with my camera....

lots to eat of course...

i found these in my freezer, im thinking Auntie Mary brought them
i dont think they will last until next month....

Auntie Pat..with her new Crookston, MN sports sweatshirt!
 Joyce had brought Carol a couple goodies,
she had spelt Carols name wrong so we gave her a hard time of course!
and she had made the bracelets from plastic soda bottles.

 Sister Jana showing off the quilt she had made for her grandbabe.
 she had just finished the binding

 Love you sister!!
 she was working on binding her table-runners..

it was great to catch until next time!!

****lets rally together and help our friend Stacy out over at Buttermilk Basin!
easy to do go to her website or facebook page and follow her directions! i have been voting 6 times every day! Go Stacy!! we love you!!

thought id start some pictures of my neighbors tree...

enjoy your fall days my blog friends!!                            jody


  1. Always looks like you girls have a blast! Thanks for the recipes.Warm Blessings!~♥Amy

  2. you always seem to have just a great time. Oh those ice cream bars look yummy. We are starting to see the colors come through now.

  3. You Cobblers are just so much fun.
    Hugs :)

  4. This always looks like such fun, Jody! xo

  5. What fun! Love the beautiful tree