Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Cobblers were here for our....

October get-together!
As always....we had lots of good food!
Reuben Sandwiches, Broccoli cheese soup and more!
Auntie Mary made dessert for Joyce's Birthday
 sister Jana brought Apple Crisp..
Auntie Mary brought fun Halloween glasses
Auntie Pat!
Auntie Marys show and tell
a table mat!
 she sure uses our past Christmas gifts!
 and she is always busy at our get togethers!
Carol was busy showing us some dies for her Go Baby..
 and of course had some great wool applique show and tell!!

and she was also busy on another wool project! cant wait to see what shes making now!
 Carol P got a gift from Carol (she loves Orange..)

and was busy finishing up a project from a class her and sister took...
 lil owl coin purse!
auntie Pat brought a Crochet star and pattern!
We were to celebrate cobbler Joyce's Birthday, but she wasnt able to make it...
so i stopped over with the gifts and Auntie Marys dessert.
we missed you Joyce, love you and thinking about you...

Heidi, Jana Daughter in Law text us a show and tell she made in a class here at our local quilt shop!

we missed Cobblers Joyce and Beth but hope to all be together soon!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                       jody


  1. you are all so creative! I love seeing your get together! But oh that pumpkin cream I will be looking in the liquor store for that.

  2. y'all always have such great things to share, and the food! mmm
    so glad you get together!

  3. You Cobblers sure know how to party!
    Thanks for taking us along.
    Hugs :)