Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Friend Mary..

whom i met many years ago while stationed in Rapid City, SD. We were both doing a craft show, she is a little bitty gal with so much energy and we have been friends ever since. she left for Okinawa and my husband/I moved to MN retiring from the Air Force.
Mary and her Man Laddie have been overseas... close to 20 years i bet. i have always loved Okinawa and considered it the best of all my travels...  they are now about to embark on a new adventure and moving to New Mexico! altho it may or not take a while due to paperwork etc.. i wish them the best and am happy that they will be state side!!
i also got another box in the mail from Okinawa! and thought id share with you! love love as always! thank you Mary!!

 enlarge the tea pot and notice the great detail! love the monkey and frogs on the lid!!

we are getting snow today with more below 0 temps coming, Auntie Mary and Uncle "Doodles" are enjoying the sun in California!
Enjoy you two!!

enjoy your January Days my blog friends!!                           jody


  1. We have finally gotten cold and windy. We have had some snow but not a lot at this point.
    What lovely gifts
    Stay warm my friend

  2. love your package,how sweet of her.
    hope all goes well with their move.
    loved your photos!

  3. The teapot is stunning. What a wonderful friend.
    Hugs :)