Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Great Day For a Hike....

Saturday was so nice out and no Wind! So Old Mill State Park it was! first of all it was a nice drive, id say about an hour away and fun to see the farmers in the growing fields and wild life out and about!

 loved the steps going upstairs in the corner..

lots of posted signs like this one telling about the forest, prairie, river and birds/animals..

 they had done lots of forest removal which i didnt like....

it was a nice hike and id like to go back and see the changes in the coming weeks!

enjoy your spring days my blog friends!!                     jody

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Cobbler Time!

once again the Cobblers were here! everyone but Cobbler Beth in California made it so it was great to all be together!

 i made a southwestern salad with an avocado dressing.. and open faced
chicken burgers with yummy ciabatta buns.

we celebrated Carols Birthday!!

Carol is so funny she always keeps us laughing!
 sister Jana let her pick out which owl she wanted, she picked the blue!
 her last name is Fox...
 Auntie Pat gave her a broom and a washcloth..

 Auntie Mary Brought a wonderful tasty coconut cake!!

Carol brought Pat and I gifts from last month when she wasnt here...
 wine and soap samples for me!;) and
she brought us each back a fun lil tape measure from Arizona!
then it was time for show and tell!
Carol has been busy!

 she was trying out a new thread shes working with and loves it!
sister Jana made a baby quilt!

i showed off the quilt i made Daughter Angela for her Birthday!
we had a great time and as always was fun to catch up!!

enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                      Jody