Monday, August 1, 2016

June Cobbler Get together!

cobblers were here in June and im just now posting about it...
sorry about the pictures, i usually turn and edit but am having so much trouble with my computer and pictures so instead of waiting im just using...

 i made chicken salad croissants..
 a wonderful salad with pasta, spinach and mandarin oranges
 Crab Rangoon.
i put them to work again tying soap packages... thank you cobblers!!

show and tell time...
Carol P is still working on her blocks...
 discussing an up coming bus trip here... i think :)
 Auntie Mary was working on wall hangings / table runners for her farmers market booth

Carol F has been really busy! she also has a farmers market booth!

 Carol P is shopping!!

it was fun as always!
we didn't get together now in July as i was out of town,
sister Jana was going to host but had a new grandbabe! Congrats!!
and cobbler Joyce was unable to make i think we will just
wait now til the end of August!

Enjoy your summer days my blog friends!!                  jody