Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a brisk walk today...

as this is what the weather is like up north!
the read circle is a wind chill advisory... BRRR
i have been busy binding my rug, i am whip stitching it with wool strips.
its not a nights work and your done type of finishing! at least for me! i am liking it tho!
will try remember a picture tonight.
i found this cute lil tea set last summer at a sale for 4.00, loved it & had this in mind.
so went thru my wool stash and finished it!

i did a little work on my "stitch a day for a year project"
its turning out to be a sampler of my days and what is inspiring me at the time...
im working on osenburg fabric, which if i had thought about it i should have done
on linen or muslin as it is hard to do small stitching on it. oh well i like "primitive"..
we had more snow yesterday so got some snow-blowing in too...
Auntie Mary sent this awesome photo from California..
i guess they have been getting a lot of rain.. but at least its not snow!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                   jody


  1. Your tea set/pin cushion is darling.
    Your stitch a day is looking good.
    BBRRRR! Sure is cold up your way. I hope you warm up soon.
    Hugs :)