Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday tidbits

I'm still cleaning and getting soap ready to wrap, but gotta take pictures as i go...

i have been trying to list on eBay.. my goal at least one item a day.
you can get to my eBay listings by clicking on my house picture on my sidebar.

went to a few garage sales last Thursday, one of the best parts of summer for me!
this was a cute sign!

love this country church weather vain

i was putsen in the yard Saturday am and look who kept me company,
she has been here the last few years.. i had read somewhere that robins
will come back to their nests each year.
my son/grandson went fishing and look what Brody caught!!!
look close at the fishes mouth! how cool is that! a once in a life time catch maybe!

i was sitting on my back step this am after my walk,
 and look who came through the hole in the fence...
she did go check out the pond i got filled and going on Saturday..

enjoy your day my blog friends!            jody


  1. wow how did that fish take the bait of your grandson?
    we are cold so no yard sales for us yet

  2. Love that fish in a fish. Like Cathy I wonder how he hooked it!

    1. Jeff said the Crappie took the bait on the hook and the northern ate the crappie!just like that! weird huh!