Wednesday, February 22, 2012

computer doctor...

 and i can down load pictures again! sister jana came to see if she could help me and my computer problems but... between us both we figured i should get a professional to look at it. and since my professional computer man is up above watching over us, i called a friends son in law.  my mark was always good about updating, cleaning viruses, ect and i havent done anything since last march, except try to blog, try to do pictures, try to figure out ebay, this and that, so i figured it was well worth a trip to the computer dr. and a couple viruses later we are up and running!
yesterday i spent the first part of the day shoveling, i set the alarm so i could get up and help angie before she had to go to work. we both live on corner lots so have a bit of shoveling to do. then i stopped by  mom and dads house and while dad was in back snowblowing i shoveled in front and ended up getting called a nasty name from dad!(because he wanted to get the exercise and do it himself) jana surprised dad and shoveled the steps to his chicken yard and i even got called a nasty name for that but, quickly pointed out it was jana not me! it only snowed i think 5 inches and was absolutely beautiful out, as the trees and everything were covered with wet heavy snow and when it was still dark out it was even prettier! also the 30 degrees didnt hurt! here is the finished needle punch. i think it turned out ok... i dont know if i like working with the varigated threads yet.. to me it takes away from the main picture? is there a trick to using them? any input will be appreciated!
today is bonding at moms house and since dads chickens keep us supplied with fresh brown eggs, i baked a little something to bring over.. i dont know how much stitchen or hooking we will get done but we will of course eat and bond! 

                              enjoy your day!                 jody

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  1. Love that springy punch needle! We had a tiny bit of snow today...but it's melting now!
    Have a great day!